Megachamps Workshop for Parents & Kids at Trainium Academy

Creative Thinking and Confident Speech Workshops for kids (7-12 yo)

I came across these awesome programmes hosted by Trainium Academy while searching for Speech & Drama classes to help boost the speech presentation skills in kids’ oracy.  Especially for R who is so shy and soft.  I need to nudge him to respond to friendly, harmless questions from familiar faces.  I have to cajole him to say a simple hello to neighbours.  It’s not that he has no manners or can’t be bothered.  He does, but most of the times, he is so soft vocally and doesn’t know how to catch other’s attention when he speaks.  Many times, the other party would have already turned away and got busy with other matter by the time he is ready to say hello.  Yes the adult world is so busy. 😦   It didn’t help him much.  He does not have the confidence to speak to a Police / Fireman when his mind was full of questions for the moment.  I’m clueless and tired of reminding him how to approach people, especially when he needs help.

Eugene, the Master Trainer at Trainium Academy, coaches adults and kids professionally to bridge their confidence in speech presentation and communication delivery skills.  Aside from the focus in empowering kids with good habits in the critical areas of communication and thinking skills, he also highlighted the importance of setting up a fun and action-filled environment for the little ones.  Not only that, he also offers parents practical tips on how to motivate their kids to keep on improving in this life skill, either at the end of each workshop, or parents can sign up separately for parents-only workshop & sharing session.


No Longer Is Good Academic Results Adequate For Success In Life

Our kids these days need to know how to approach people, build positive relationship with others, bring their message across through impressive & effective communication, and need to think out of the box.  All these require quick thinking, and coordinated mind (body language), eye (observation), mouth (tonation), ear (listening & comprehension).  And though some are born with talent in this aspect, not all are easily sociable or know what to do when faced with such challenges in life.

Our children start to give their own speech presentation from as young as nursery level these days.  I started to worry when R couldn’t utter a word during his class presentation at K2.  I didn’t reprimand him nor was I disappointed that I have gone through several practices and demonstrations with him at home.  I was just very, very worried for him but not knowing how else to proceed except to try on finance budgeting and set him on a route for regular classes for more exposure.  Seriously, when I came across the workshops by Trainium Academy and seeing Eugene’s reply to my call for help, I was ecstatic and I hope R can open up to his method of teaching and push up his confidence from there.  Let’s see how it goes.

This June Holidays, Trainium Academy will be hosting two holiday programme for children of ages 7-12 ~ Creative Thinking Workshop and Confident Speech Workshop.

Trainium - Confident Speech & Creative Thinking Workshops

Trainium Academy – Confident Speech & Creative Thinking Workshops (Click to enlarge)

Creative Thinking 1-Day Workshop (For 7 – 12 year old)

Date :  9th June |  17th June |  22th June 2015
Time : 9.30am to 5pm (Parents will be invited to watch a presentation by their kids at 4pm)
Fees : $250 (lunch included)
Class Size : Max 20

Confident Speech 2-Day Workshop (For 7 – 12 year old)

Date : 10th-11th June | 18th-19th June | 23rd-24th June 2015
Time : 9.30am to 5pm (Parents will be invited to watch a presentation by their kids at 4pm)
Fees : $500 (lunch included)
Class Size : Max 12

Venue : 111 North Bridge Road, Level 21, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (Map)
Registration Deadline : 8th Jun ’15
Group Discount : 10% discount for 3 kids or more
Multiple Workshop Discount : 10% for both workshops signed up together
Payment Method : To be advised once registration is accepted.

To register, email or call Eugene at 91791401 for more information about workshop content.

For review by other parents, refer to Trainium Academy.

Megachamps Kids Creative Thinking Workshop

Megachamps Kids Creative Thinking Workshop

On a personal level, in all my jaded school life, academic subjects were not much of a challenge unless I truly had no interest in a particular subject (like, specifically History, Home Economics and Literature) and I allowed myself to flunk it.  I had my very real challenge only when I was in Year 1, NTU Engineering.  I nearly d-i-e-d of nervous attack.  Each student was to give a presentation by self-chosen topic and to present it in front of our lecturer and our own tutorial class using materials and the overhead projector (OHP).  The research and compilation of materials for presentation wasn’t hard at all.  Even the speech was easy to prepare.  However I couldn’t deliver the presentation.  Just thinking about the daunting task made me nervous for weeks because I was so scared to stand in front of 20-odd people to give a talk.  My buddies practiced and practiced with me (to be my audience hahahah).  I ended up barely scraping through the presentation.  The funny thing was, these 20-odd people were my classmates whom I mingled with day in and out then.  😦

The next presentation was 3 years later which closed my Final Year Project (FYP) and it was presented to a lecture theatre full of people.  Though it also took lots of practice, it was a little easier as by then, I knew and was familiar with most of the 300 classmates for 4 years already!  So, that about summarized my school life, where I had gone through the pretty dead academic system solely base on what’s written on paper at the end of the year.  It was only when I started working then I was exposed to real-life challenges.  Presentations were given right on the spot, with total strangers and sometimes high flyers in the corporate world.  Presentations came in many form from mini-sized daily briefing, to meeting clients, and graduating to lead presentations to the Board of Directors.  It gets easier and less scary each year and I sort of figured out which kind of “armour” to wear for the kind of presentation I’m going for.

My journey towards graduating into the real world was not smooth and easy although it appeared to be (base on results).  With real-life situations experienced for myself now, I’m certainly hoping that my kids won’t have to face what I had gone through only so late in life.  I hope that both K and R would be exposed to what the real world really is, and start learning to be confident of themselves through taking little baby steps soon.  My research brings me back to Trainium Academy.  I discovered they also have a Parents-only Workshop.

Megachamps Parenting Workshop

Megachamps Parenting Workshop

At the workshop, Eugene will share with parents on tips to leading our child to ACE his or her Oral Exams, preparing them for the DSA and scholarship interviews (WOW!!), show us what kind of traps to avoid so that we can highlight to our kids too.  I have been asked to share my own parenting journey during the workshop too. *OH GOSH*  I’m seriously trying to hide now.  But I guess I really have to try stepping out of my comfort zone first in order to show my own kids how to do it.

Megachamp Parents Workshop

How To Empower Your Child To Think More Creatively & Speak More Confidently

Date : 29th May 2015
Time : 7.00pm to 9.00pm
Fees : $20 (per parent) | $30 (per couple)
For : Parents with child 5-12 year old

Venue : 111 North Bridge Road, Level 21, Peninsula Plaza, Singapore 179098 (Map)
Registration Deadline : 25th May ’15
Payment Method : To be advised once registration is accepted.

To register, email or call Eugene at 91791401 for more information about workshop content.


Parent Workshop “How To Empower Your Child To Think More Creatively & Speak More Confidently”

2 Winners x 1 Slot each (worth $40)

We are very excited that Trainium Academy has kindly sponsored the above parent workshop for our readers.  To take part and qualify, please make sure all the following steps are done:

1) {Compulsory} Leave a COMMENT at this blog post stating your Child’s Age, Facebook Name and Email address so that we can contact you if your entry is selected.

2) {Conpulsory} LIKE SAys! Happy Mums and Trainium Academy on Facebook.

3) {Conpulsory} Like and Share this Facebook post stating “@Tag Friend A @Tag Friend B @Trainium Academy’s Parent Workshop shows us How To Empower Your Child To Think More Creatively & Speak More Confidently”.  DO make sure your post is set for PUBLIC viewing so that we can verify your entry.

Terms and Conditions
1. Giveaway ends Tuesday, 26th May 2015, 1500hrs.
2. All requirements stated above have to be fulfilled to qualify.
3. The Winner will be notified by the email provided under this blog comments and must reply within 24 hours, failing which, a new winner will be drawn, without notice.
4 The workshop is for parents to attend.
5. This giveaway is open to Singapore Residents only.
6. Decisions are final and no changes/disputes will be entertained.
7. This giveaway is in no relation to any social media accounts.

Good Luck and have fun!

[Edited 27 May ’15]


Instead of the original 2 chosen winners, we have decided to extend 2 more invites to our readers since our hubbies are not available to attend talks.  So here we present 4 winners below!!  Congratulations!  We will be in touch via email shortly. 🙂



Eugene is a proud father of 3 children, aged 10, 6 and 4, married to a beautiful and supportive wife.  Having graduated from NTU with an Honours degree in Communication, he has earlier invested 12 years of professional life in managing strategic marketing and communication projects for large corporations in SG and HK before he decided to provide coaching for children.  He firmly believes that children can be empowered with the ability to form good habits in the critical areas of communication and thinking skills, and at the same time, maintaining a fun-filled, action-packed environment.  Being a humourous and approachable adult with a warm personality helps bridge the gap for children who are shy and helpless when in front of strangers.  When children learn the skills of confident communication and creative thinkers, they will also grow to become more successful and fulfilled in the years ahead.

Trainium Academy

All photos belong to and are provided by Trainium Academy for purposes of this information article. Pls do not reproduce any of the photos for any purposes unless prior approval has been approved by Trainium Academy.
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