KidStartNow ~ Chinese Camp for June 2015

We first came to know about KidStartNow Chinese Programme for children last year when they were featured by Young Parents magazine as the “Enrichment class that best nurtures your child’s interest in Chinese” in Jan ‘2014.  KidStartNow Chinese Programme targets children from 3 to 8 year old and aims to help the English-speaking children to build interest in Chinese and to excel in primary school.


This June holiday, KidStartNow will host 2 types of Chinese Camps – a Role-Playing and Conversation Camp for 3-6 year olds and a Show & Tell and Word Recognition Camp for 6-8 year olds.  Kids are immersed in a fun-filled action adventure environment as they join the superheroes in rescuing Baby Panda from the evil villian.  Kids will also learn to share and cooperate (Values!) with each other in the class as they learn through animated storybooks and role-playing.
Based on information from KidStartNow, they employ teachers with passion for teaching preschoolers Mandarin, teachers with extensive experience with teaching non-Chinese speakers and adapting to their unique needs, teachers who are well versed in technology and teachers who are MOE accredited native Mandarin speakers.  With that and a small class size guarantee, I am very keen to explore the benefits of this programme especially for R who is very obviously weaker than his sister in terms of Chinese Oracy skills.


Show & Tell and Word Recognition Camp for 6-8 year old
As friends would have already known, R is very shy and has no confidence to approach strangers or make a presentation when he is required to.  Since KidStartNow will be using role-playing and this holiday’s themed camp will be Superhero vs Villian, I am sure R would be excited to immerse in this mini-world of play (without realizing that he’s actually being sent there for a confidence training class).  The fact that the Show & Tell Camp is held in Chinese, it is an added bonus – like killing two birds with one stone (how awesome & time efficient!!!).  At the end of the Camp, we would be reviewing the programme to see how best KidStartNow can help to lift his confidence level using their method assisted by animated storybook.
KidStartNow Chinese Camp


Using their proprietary syllabus created by curriculum executives with over 20 years of teaching experience, KidStartNow makes use of


a) Unique story-based curriculum that brings your kid on fun filled adventures, motivating your kid to love mandarin
b) Full integration with technology to make learning both fun and effective
c) Gamifcation, a different approach to grading where kids are encouraged to keep trying rather than be penalised for being wrong
d) Focus on speaking and listening first to encourage kids to love mandarin, and then moving on to reading and writing, an approach espoused by former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew in his book “My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore’s Bilingual Journey”


KidStartNow Chinese Camp


Aside from special holiday camps, I am also pleased to find that KidStartNow provides parent resources on their blog.  KidStartNow helps parents to reinforce what their children have learnt in classes through the use of images / video clips, auditory pronounciation and hanyu pinyin in thematic format at the blog.


For example, during the World Cup last year, KidStartNow took the effort to upload some pictures and video, with corresponding words like 一败涂地,  咬,and 假摔 (OMG, what really is that?!!)。Typically, I would only have taught my kids 踢足球 and 世界杯。Parents keen to find out more about helping your children build an interest in learning Chinese can refer to their blog for more information.



Role-playing and Conversation Camp (3-6 year olds, 4 days @ 2 hours daily)

  • Develops confidence in Chinese Auditory & Oracy skills through role-playing activities
  • Aligned to latest MOE P1 teaching policy
  • More fun and less academic vs regular enrichment classes
  • Develops interest in reading and learning Chinese through animated storybooks
  • Focus on values ~ Sharing & Cooperation
  • Taught by experienced & passionate teachers in a class of maximum 8 students

Fees : $295 per child per camp  ($55 discount per child if parents sign up in groups of 2+)

Show & Tell and Word-Recognition Camp (6-8 year olds, 4 days @ 2 hours daily)

  • Focus is on preparing kids for show and tell in primary school by boosting vocabulary and oral confidence
  • Strengthens foundation in reading and word recognition through animated storybooks
  • Some role-playing activities as well, together with a show and tell presentation in front of classmates on the last day
  • K2 kids who join this camp must have a requisite level of spoken Chinese
  • Develops interest in reading and learning Chinese through animated storybooks
  • Taught by experienced & passionate teachers in a class of maximum 10 students
Fees : $295 per child per camp  ($55 discount per child if parents sign up in groups of 2+)


Not all camps will be held over the same days / time or outlets.  Pls see schedule below for more information.  It would be best to call  (+65) 6444-8280 / 6444-6310 / 9820-7272 or email them at to enquire.
KidStartNow Chinese Camp

ABOUT KidStartNow


Bedok (Map)  *New
209 New Upper Changi Road, #03-649, S(460209)
Above Sheng Siong, 2 mins walk from Bedok MRT


Lavender (Map)
CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, #02-09, S(339407)
2 bus stops or 7 mins walk from Lavender MRT


Tel: +65 6444-8280 / 6444-6310 / 9820-7272
Opening Hours : Monday – Friday 11am to 7pm | Saturday – 10am to 6pm | Sunday – 11am to 7pm


All photos belong to and are provided by KidStartNow for purposes of this information article. Pls do not reproduce any of the photos for any purposes unless prior approval has been approved by KidStartNow.


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