Gems You Wouldn’t Have Discovered at Jalan Selaseh [Wanton Mee |Bing Qi Lin | Old School Biscuits | Playground]

On normal weekday afternoons, I rush to places straight after picking K from school. The daily routine is almost Eat-Bathe-Sleep-Class-Dinner. For the months of Apr & May, I would have a more relaxing schedule after dropping Berries from our timetable.

I had planned to visit Sentosa last week. But with the impending storm in the afternoon, I conveniently dropped the idea and decided that it shall be a good day to visit the quiet neighbourhood at Seletar Estate.

Though I’ve been “married” into the neighbourhood for more than a decade, and know of the few nice chill out corners, I’ve never brought the kids to explore anywhere near it.


With thoughts of the awesome wanton mee at the quaint Seletar Corner Coffee Shop that is under the radar all these years, I brought the kids there for lunch.

We each had a small-sized serving with savoury premium dark soya sauce (mine with added chilli, of course!). The handmade noodles is springy has just the right amount of Q-ness in each bite. Each bowl of noodles is served with some vegetables, few slices of char siew that has just about the right percentage of fats and 4 pieces of wanton in a richly fragrant soup that didn’t leave a thirsty effect after the meal. The wanton is wrapped with minced pork and has added bits of what tasted like umami sole fish. I would order an additional bowl of wanton soup just for that saltish smokey taste. It only costed me $3/pax for lunch for a small serving. Larger servings are available at $4 and above.


This is the kids’ first time eating noodles from this stall. From K’s look, you should be able to gauge how nice the noodles must have tasted for her. The kids simply love the dark soya sauce added in and were actually comparing who had darker noodles. I know they will surely ask me for more in future!


Aside from the food, I was also happy that the stall uncle is so friendly. He tried to help me stack the chairs for kids seeing that I am carrying R in one hand and doing stunts with the other. This photo of the uncle and his stall was taken by K. She insisted that I should take a photo to show daddy of this wonderful noodle place. Is this how the word “daddy’s girl” came about?


After lunch, I decided to indulge the kids a little to check out the new ice cream shop I came to know of. It’s set up by a young couple and they made the ice cream themselves. Bing Qi Lin is located at the next block down the same street at Jalan Selaseh.


The selection of ice cream flavour is quite impressive for a small little shop tucked in a quiet neighbourhood. They have more than 15 flavours available, I would say their available range can be on par with some full-fledged ice cream shops at the malls.


My initial intention was to buy only a single scoop for the kids to share. Their de facto flavour is Vanilla, Mango or Lime Sherbet. Since they didn’t see Vanilla in the freezer, they chose Mango Sherbet (Premium) and had a hard time deciding if they should ask me for another, half knowing that I would say no.

I ended up manipulating their thoughts to give the Cookie Crumble a try too. >.< And I was glad that I did so for the weather was madly hot.

And all three of us were too greedy to devour the ice cream that I actually forgot to take a photo of “Before” 😦


This was what’s remaining when I finally remembered the all-important mouth-watering photo.

As I’m typing this, I already am planning to try the Lava (Premium) and Sea-Salt Toffee. Just the name of these two flavours has already secretly caught my heart already!


Our double scoop in a cup with 1 premium flavour costs $6.80. Actually the ice cream is not cheap given that there are no tables for seating. All the owner provided for are 2 red stools at the shop front. There’s no aircon in the shop to hide from the heat too. There’s a ceiling fan that can’t be turned on as the draft would melt the ice cream, I was told. 😦

However I guess prices could be higher if the owners were to provide for all the comfort for patrons to relax & chill. Given the convenience near to my in-law’s place, K’s school and also to my new home next year, I would continue to return whenever I feel like having a special indulgence.





Wait! There’s more at Jalan Selaseh! Hop over to a few shops further down to get your supply of old school biscuits if you are keen. These biscuits are housed in traditional thick round glass containers and some in boxy metal tins that we are so familiar with. Spotted anything to your fancy yet?


Seletar Hills Grocery has been around for more than 30 years. I guess some things will just remain unchanged until urbanisation or if there’s nobody taking over the business.

After a hearty meal and ice cream, we had wanted to explore the playground just across the row of shophouses. However the storm looked like its coming towards us real soon. Another day perhaps!



Jalan Seleseh Park has a huge shelter and a basketball court on the right. To the left, there’s a climbing dome, slide and swing for the kids to run wild in a pretty safe environment.

With the above few gems along a tiny stretch if street nested within Seletar Hills Estate, one can easily spend the entire afternoon bonding with kids over good food & quality play. So why not use the next weekend to uncover your own gem within the park?

 About Seletar Corner Coffeeshop | 36 Handmade Yun Tun Noodle

No. 2, Jalan Selaseh S808433 (Map)
Closed on Tuesdays

36 Wanton Mee

About Jalan Seleseh Park

Bounded by Jalan Selaseh, Seletar Hills Drive & Jalan Keruing (Map)


About Bing Qi Lin

No. 24, Jalan Selaseh, S808444 (Map)
Tel : 8399 2139
Closed on Mondays
Tuesdays-Sundays 1200-2200hrs


Before we end this post, let’s share a bigger serving of the wanton mee on our 2nd visit. This is a $4 bowl with 8 wantons, more noodles, extra char siew and veg too. No more $3 bowls for me next time! Must make my trip (albeit very short) there worth all the calories 😉


Still not convinced yet?? Don’t regret missing out this wanton mee!

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~ SAys! Shirley 🙂



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