{Review+Giveaway} Sofzsleep Junior M Pillow for Kids

Sofzsleep makes good pillows that result in children looking more angelic while they are fast asleep.  

Nah!  I’m talking rubbish.  Kids are angels sent from Heaven and are angelic by birth.  It seems to be even more so while they are fast asleep.  I believe mums like you and I have sometimes caught ourselves spending countless moments doing nothing but just watching our children sleep.  And we count their eyelashes, measure it’s length, check the pores on their faces.  This photo of R was taken recently and it was my first view when I sat up on bed that morning.  It’s already 815AM and he’s late for school but I couldn’t bear to wake him up.  Let the baby sleep a little while more.  He can rush later on in life.

SAys Happy Mums Sofzsleep

R is sleeping here on his new Sofzsleep Junior M pillow.  After sleeping on flat and old adult pillow for half his life, he finally has something that cradles his head and provides good neck support at the same time.  It took me a year to find Sofzsleep range of pillows that caters to children’s needs and I’m honestly real glad to share about this great product.

Last year, during a visit to the kids’ favourite dentist, Dr Alan pointed out to me that R has the habit of grinding his teeth during sleep.  I found it hard to believe it then even though he showed me comparisons with photos of a more normal-looking set of teeth.  I have always thought that R has a beautiful set of straight-looking teeth.  Not to mention not having heard him before all these years.  I told Dr Alan that we co-sleep and there’s no way I won’t know if he grinds at night.  He nicely asked me to monitor it.

What Dr Alan said made me sleep lighter at night.  I was half alert for months (til now) looking out for any sounds of grinding.  It didn’t happen.  Before I know it, R suddenly started to wake me nightly with the loudest ever teeth-biting and grinding sound I have ever heard since primary school days (my form teacher grinded her teeth during one of the camp trip and it scared me a lot then).  With R, it was night after night of disturbed sleep and it eventually “caught” my hubby’s attention too.  He could actually bite down on his jaws so hard that I was afraid he would bite his own tongue!

So during the next dental visit, Dr Alan advised me that R’s problem is due to enlarged tonsils which partially blocked his airway and there’s nothing necessary to be done now at his age except to wait for him to grow out of it, HOPEFULLY  😦   Dr Alan did advise me to let him sleep on a higher pillow to open up his airway.  They (K & R) were previously sleeping on really lousy adult pillows as we didn’t know what is suitable after the passing phase of infant 2 cm-thick pillows.  With Dr Alan’s advice, I started to shop around for kids pillow.

Sofzsleep SAys Happy Mums

Sofzsleep Junior M pillow for kids above 5 years old.

I stumbled upon Sofzsleep pillows for kids and found out that Sofzsleep has been around in Singapore for many years and they carry a full range of latex mattresses and bedding accessories from infant to adult.  Sofzsleep sells their full range of products through various local authorized resellers and provides 10-year warranty for their mattresses.

Even though Sofzsleep has advertised it’s mattresses and bedding accessories with many beneficial properties, two key points firmly grabbed my interests ~ Sofzsleep uses 100% Natural material (Latex and Bamboo fabric) and the use of latex means it’s Dust Mite Resistant.  With this finding, I excitedly showed Audrey about the brand and the kids’ range of pillows.  We approached Sofzsleep with our problem and needs and are glad to be sponsored 2 pillows for review purposes.  From Sofzsleep’s FAQ page, I liked the open sharing of their material source, the manufacturing processes, as well as testing of products against strict international standards.  To the extent that I decided to get a 3rd pillow, for my gal, K, straightaway.  Though without teeth-grinding problem, she’s a growing child and hubby agrees that it’s now a good time to start her with a proper pillow with neck support too.

Sofzsleep Junior M SAys Happy Mums

Look how happy K was while testing her new pillow!  And this is how we co-sleep.

It’s since been slightly more than 1 month after the kids started sleeping on their new pillows.  I didn’t realize how soon time has passed until it suddenly strike me that R has greatly cut down on grinding his teeth when he sleeps.  I wouldn’t say that it is specifically Sofzsleep pillow which helped.  But it’s a fact that R’s new pillow has adequate thickness and neck support and I believe that it has helped in providing him with the elevation that helped keep his airway opened wider.  All the other properties of Sofzsleep pillow fall into place as bonuses, something that most, if not all mothers won’t mind paying extra for (hubs is paying anyway! ;p)

100% Latex

Sofzsleep® uses 100% premium grade rubber sap from S.E.A rubber plantations shipped directly to their manufacturing plant in Belgium.  From there, the rubber sap is made into latex foam and dried to remove all moisture.  Consistency, firmness, visual and weight inspections are part of quality control process.  Approved products are sent back to assembly plant in Asia for cutting and finishing to various sizes.

The natural elasticity of latex makes this material an extremely ideal one for use in making pillows (and mattresses).  It is highly resilient and maintains its shape and consistency for many, many years.  No fluffing needed!  Latex has an open cell structure made up of millions of tiny interconnecting microscopic cells.  Our movement ventilates the mattress and gets rid of moisture providing an optimal sleep environment.  This ensures a safe, cool and healthy sleep environment.

Sofzsleep Junior M Pillow

New pillows for the kids with soft covers beneath

Dust Mite Resistant

Latex is natively inhospitable to dust creatures, fungi and bacteria.  Sofzsleep® uses premium latex that is certified toxic-free with no formaldehydes, pesticides or other harmful gas-emitting chemicals and creepy crawlies.  The natural antibiotic properties of latex and its open cell structure and excellent ventilation make it less habitable for dust mites and microbes. Hence, it provides a clean and healthy sleep environment, an ideal choice for people sensitive to allergens.  Some of the best benefits of latex include mould and mildew resistant, antimicrobial, and resistant to fungus.  This ensures an allergen and toxic-free sleeping environment, resulting in a healthier sleep.”

Children tend to be more sensitive to dust mite-related problems leading to sensitive nose and sinus issues.  I believe that resting on a clean pillow without dust mite and allergens could help to alleviate sinus issues.  And being mould and mildew resistant also could mean that chances of having a sweaty pillow that dries up as unsightly yellow patches is very much lesser than our normal pillows.

Premium Fabric

Sofzsleep® uses fabric that has been thoroughly washed, processed and tested to comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.  A little googling showed that the OEKOTEX® Standard 100 is an independent 3rd party testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production.  This is the strictest certification and ensures that they comply with health standard and are safe even for babies.

Sofzsleep Junior M Says Happy Mums

Complimentary fabric covers that came with each Sofzsleep Junior M pillow

Sofzsleep pillow for juniors is available in two sizes – Junior S (for 2-5yo) and Junior M (for > 5yo).  Sofzsleep also carries infant and adult pillows in several different specifications.

Sofzsleep Says Happy Mums

Photo from Sofzsleep

For more information on pillow size and thickness, see below table from Sofzsleep website.

Sofzsleep Review Says happy mums

Small children, they CAN BE angelic if they are well rested.  So there’s no harm in getting a pillow with adequate support and height.  All the more better if it’s dust mite resistant, non toxic and made of 100% natural latex!  I love that Sofzsleep Junior M pillow has all that and extras that I was looking for to give the children a good night’s rest.  And because the pillow is 100% natural latex (rubber), I don’t need to wash it or sun it.  Just air it occasionally will do!  Go read the FAQ page for more details and product care if keen.

Sofzsleep Says Happy Mums

Where To Buy

Sofzsleep pillows are available at these major retailers.

[Ended] ~~~ GIVEAWAY ~~~ [Ended]

Thanks to the great team at Sofzsleep we’ve got ONE (1) Sofzsleep Junior M pillow (worth S$60) to giveaway to our readers at SAys! Happy Mums!

To take part and qualify, please make sure all the following steps are completed:

1)  {Compulsory} COMMENT on this blog post stating the your child’s age, Facebook Name and your Email address.

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3) {Compulsory} LIKE and SHARE this Facebook post with the caption on your wall “@Sofzsleep latex pillow has good neck support for your kids! Win one at @SAys Happy Mums!  Tag @Friend A  @Friend B  @Friend C ”.  DO set your post to PUBLIC so that we are able to verify your entry.

4) Leave a comment on the same Facebook post after everything is done {Not compulsory but easier to track your entry.}

Terms and Conditions:

  • Giveaway ends 14 May 2015, Thursday at 11.59PM.
  • Giveaway prize is Sofzsleep Junior M and strictly cannot be changed to any other items/size.
  • The Winner will be notified by the email provided under the blog comments and must reply within 48 hours, failing which, a new winner will be drawn, without notice.
  • This giveaway is open to Singapore residents only.
  • Incomplete entries will be disqualified without notice. Decisions are final and no changes/disputes will be entertained.
  • All information collected is solely for the purpose of this giveaway and we will not send unsolicited emails to your inbox unless you have subscribed to us (on the right!).
  • This giveaway is in no manner associated with any social media except out blog.
  • Prize must be self-collected at the following address during normal office hours :-

Sofzsleep Main Office

21 Bukit Batok Crescent, 24-82 WCEGA Tower, 658065

Phone: +65 6100 4569


[Edited 19 May ’15] We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response in our above giveaway.  It’s a pity that we can only select 1 winner.  Nevertheless, a hearty congratulations to Kathy Woon-Tan on your win.  We will be sending an email to you shortly.  Please check your inbox for details. 🙂



Best of luck!

Disclaimer : We were sponsored with 2 Junior M pillows and bought an additional for K for the purposes of this review.  All opinions & photos belong to SAys! Happy Mums.

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~  SAys! Shirley



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