{Review} Mother’s Day Menu at A-One Claypot House

What do we do on Mother’s Day?  Aside from buying our mum’s a gift, a bouquet of flowers, or even a cake, I believe what our mums really wanted is for the family to dine together on this joyous occasion.  Being the lucky generation of Singaporeans born into a country with a plethora of food options, our family’s choice is simply the most practical and fulfilling.  Nothing beats dining out in the comfort of great food and being able to enjoy a meal with our family members.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on 10th May.  As usual, we celebrate Mother’s Day slightly earlier than the actual day itself just to avoid the mad crowd and parking problem (hubby’s #1 hate list) as most of the world will also be dining out.  For the period from 1st to 10th May ’15, A-One Claypot House will be serving their special Mother’s Day Set Meal upon reservation in advance.  We had a 10-pax Set Meal at Kallang Wave Mall outlet last night.  This is also the first time we are celebrating with Audrey’s family although not the first occasion that our families are dining together.

Aone Claypot House

A-One Claypot House boasts of healthier meal option with the use of lesser oil and not using MSG.  Though the chain started as food court stalls selling one of the best traditional Cantonese-style smooth congee in Singapore, they have since branched out into operating their own full-fledged casual dining restaurants with a wide selection of dishes and clean premises for families.

Aone Claypot House

Bustling with patrons at 630PM, Saturday night.

We were first served with 2 pots of tea, namely the Assorted Dried Fruits Tea (果粒茶)and the Blooming Fortune Tea(花开富贵)to open up the taste buds before our meal.  While I prefer the slightly astringent taste of the Blooming Fortune Tea akin to typical Chinese Tea, Audrey’s family preferred the slightly sweet fruity taste of the herbal infused Assorted Dried Fruits Tea.  In summary, both pots of tea were still well received as they have no sugar added.

Aone Claypot House

Assorted Dried Fruits Tea (果粒茶)and the Blooming Fortune Tea(花开富贵)

A-One Mother's Day Menu

The remaining we had were literally all served at the same time which initially overwhelmed us a bit.  We had the Crab Meat & Fish Maw Shark Fins Soup (蟹肉鱼漂鱼翅) which my family (except my parents) did not eat.  From the appearance and feedback from Audrey’s family, it seems that the soup is quite watery without enough quantity of substance aside from the starchy portion.  After all these years, we are still trying to educate my older folks about the cruelty of shark-finning.  As this was the highlight in the menu, we hope that in future, A-One Claypot House would consider offering alternative soup without the fins as an option for shark-lovers like me & hubs.

Aone Claypot House

Assorted Dried Fruits Tea (果粒茶)and the Blooming Fortune Tea(花开富贵)

Everyone loved the 2 servings of Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw Claypot Porridge (砂锅鱼票海参粥)for the smooth, congee consistency and the chunky pieces of sea cucumber & fish maw cooked til so soft that they literally melt-in-the-mouth.  Just for the porridge alone, we would return for another visit to try their award-winning Traditional Claypot Scallop porridge!  We were told that pearl white rice grains was used to cook the porridge.  Coupled with fresh ingredients, the porridge was cooked over slow fire for many hours to achieve the texture and consistency we had.  Even Kristy agreed that it was the best porridge found outside of the home after comparing with “婆婆粥“, the porridge that my mum cooks.

Aone Claypot House Porridge

Sea Cucumber & Fish Maw Claypot Porridge (砂锅鱼票海参粥)

The Scallop Fried with Lotus Root and Asparagus (翡翠带子炒莲藕)Golden Prawns in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce (黄金咸蛋虾球) and Rock Sugar Honey Pork (冰花蜜汁肉片) were few of the well-liked dishes by our families though we have different opinions.  Being a lover for lotus roots, Regan had multiple servings of the Scallop Fried with Lotus Root and Asparagus (翡翠带子炒莲藕).  He is a boy who enjoys munching on a good slice of crunchy sweet lotus root.

Aone Claypot House

Scallop Fried with Lotus Root and Asparagus (翡翠带子炒莲藕)

The Golden Prawns in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce (黄金咸蛋虾球) was well-received by my hubs and I.  The fresh prawn balls were big, crunchy and fried to perfection.  While Audrey found that it is too peppery, we were OK with it and the little more spice added another dimension to the creamy salty taste.  However, we agree that it could have been creamier.

Aone Claypot House

Golden Prawns in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce (黄金咸蛋虾球)

Wey, being very picky with food, was all thumbs up with the Rock Sugar Honey Pork (冰花蜜汁肉片).  The fresh pork which was marinated in rock sugar and honey turned out tender and yummy.  However, it would have been great if the serving size could be bigger.

Aone Claypot House

Rock Sugar Honey Pork (冰花蜜汁肉片)

Another dish that went especially well with Kristy was the Longevity Noodle with Sesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡长寿面).  As a noodle lover (she can have 10 noodle meals a week if I allow her to have lunch at school), she had a big serving of it and even thanks Popo for helping her with additional serving of the gravy.  The sesame oil chicken cooked together with the noodle were chunky and savoury, full of yummy sesame oil flavour.

Aone Claypot House

Longevity Noodle with Sesame Oil Chicken (麻油鸡长寿面)

Aone Claypot House

Spinach with Mushroom and Sea Cucumber (香菇海参菠菜) is a widely known dish and we have it on the table at almost every Chinese wedding dinner.  The soft and nutritious veg went well with the kids for easy biting and spinach is also something we would normally order when eating out.

Aone Claypot House

Spinach with Mushroom and Sea Cucumber (香菇海参菠菜)

Happy Family Premium Pot (合家欢盆菜) came with a lot of gravy.  I had multiple spoonfuls of the rich and flavourful gravy that it was enough to fill up my bowl.  Perhaps due to the abundant gravy (I wouldn’t say that it’s too much as I like my rice drenched with flavourful gravy), the dish was not presented like what I had in mind for a pot of pencai 盆菜 as we are used to seeing neatly-arranged, overflowing serving of succulent meat and seafood.  We have 4 pieces of baby abalones that were cooked to a firm but not hard to bite texture, some scallops as well as chunky fish maw, large pieces of soft sea cucumber and chinese mushrooms.

Aone Claypot House

Happy Family Premium Pot (合家欢盆菜)

Deep Fried Sea Bass (油浸金目鲈) was a little hard on the outside and was served coated with the savoury gravy.  It would be perfect if there is more wok-hei to fry the fish so that the skin will be crispier and the bones can be munched on.  Overall, both our mums and my hubs loved the fish and here is my hubs munching on the meat on the bone.

Aone Claypot House

Aone Claypot House

Deep Fried Sea Bass (油浸金目鲈)

After we finish with the main dishes, we were served a serving of Red Dates and Longan Dessert (红枣龙眼糖水) each.  The light and not too sweet dessert certainly helped to to cleanse the palate after sampling so many dishes.

Aone Claypot House

Red Dates and Longan Dessert (红枣龙眼糖水)

Strangely, we were thinking that the Steamed Scallop with Vermicelli (粉丝蒸带子) and Deep Fried Pumpkin in Creamy Salted Egg Sauce (黄金奶油金瓜) was included in the 10-pax menu.  However, we only realized that these 2 dishes are not part of our set meal after we left the restaurant.  After all that we heard about the special sauce served with the Steamed Scallop with Vermicelli (粉丝蒸带子), we concluded that we should include this in our must-try dish when we return for another visit.

A-One Claypot House Mother's Day Menu

A-One Claypot House Mother’s Day Menu : Click to enlarge

This Mother’s Day Promotion at A-One Claypot House is only valid from 1st May- 10th May 2015, upon reservation.  Do call them at 9125 9611 for booking if you are heading for the Mother’s Day Menu that is specially introduced at 5 of their outlets (see below for list).

Overall, both our families enjoyed the dinner gathering and joint celebration over Mother’s Day dinner.  We left with happy tummies and had plans to return for afternoon me-time (just the two of us, Audrey & I) when our kids are in their enrichment classes.

SAys Happy Mums

SAys! Happy Mums and our Happier Mums ❤

About A-One Claypot House

Outlets available with Mother’s Day Menu

Tampines 1 @#05-04
Nex Shopping Centre @ #B1-73
Kallang Wave Mall | The Sports Hub @ #01-33/34
Seletar Mall @ #02-14/15/16
Causeway Point @ #03-31

Other outlets (Regular Menu)

Junction 8 @ #01-49
Chinatown Point @ #B1-47
Jurong Point (JP1) @ #03-09
Suntec City Mall @ #B1-135

Operating HoursDaily 10:30am-9:30pm (Last Order)

Facebook | Website | Reservations : Call 9125 9611

Note :  We were invited for media tasting at A-One Claypot House | Kallang Wave Mall for the purposes of this review.  All photographs (unless otherwise indicated) and opinions remain our own, as always.

~ SAys! Shirley


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