{Review} Spinning Live Drama at The Fantastical Story Factory!

To tell the truth, I was more than curious about how ABA Production’s brand new show The Fantastical Story Factory would really turn out.

The Fantastical Story Factory

Together with our Princess Piggy!

Touted as a totally improvised musical adventure for kids, where every performance is different because nothing is scripted and everything is impromptu and improvised for each show, it sounded like an interestingly new brand of theatre. Certainly different from the many plays and musicals that we’ve attended before.

The Fantastical Story Factory

The theatre was abuzz with curious little minds, all wondering what to expect perhaps because their parents could not tell them what they were to expect. And just as quickly as the cast appeared on stage, the Fantastical Story Factory was set in motion. The cast started working on a jazzy tune and we were entertained as they singled out and sang about the audience at the show.

And then the kids were told! “This is the Fantastical Story Factory where stories are made. All of you are in charge!”… Anything they wanted to happen in the story, the Story Factory will do it! Wow! Wey was in awe and certainly amazed with the thought… he went quite silent for awhile, probably pondering in his mind where he wanted to take the story to! hahaa…

And so our afternoon story was set in the Dungeon of a Magical Kingdom with a Dungeon Master, Alexander the Great, who is very picky, much like Goldilocks who always had some comment about everything – Too Hot, Too Sweet and Just Right! Alexander the Great is visited by Princess Piggy who although is a Princess bears a lot of piggy habits. Picky Dungeon Master cannot tolerate her ‘dirty’ habits and he asks her to leave not knowing that she was secretly in love with him. The very hurt Princess runs away from the kingdom not before telling her Father, the King (who loves to kill). The King insists that Alexander the Great finds Princess Piggy and bring her back safely. Alexander the Great does find the Princess sitting near an erupting Volcano, ready to end everything. He manages to overpower the Volcano Wizard to stop the eruption and tries his best to confess his love for Princess Piggy but she does not accept his apology because he ate her bananas ?!!? In the end, it was a happily ever-after story as Alexander the Great and Princess Piggy agreed to accept each other as they were.

The Fantastical Story Factory

Our very own Alexander the Great, the Dungeon Master, who is so picky that he has no friends. Aawwww….

Okay, at this point you’re probably thinking, wow, what a crazy fantastical story! Well, every bit and part of this crazy story was suggested and contributed by the little ones in the audience – and they loved it! The talented cast got us tickled and laughing at every twist and turn of the plot, with their instantly made-up crazy songs. So, if you do get to catch this amazing musical adventure in the next 2 remaining performances, you will not be watching the same show, guaranteed! Everything is 100% audience dependent!

We love the crazy audience contribution but what was even better was the level of audience participation. The cast asked for volunteers to come on stage to be “little Piggies” and there were definitely no lack of them. Little Wey, jumped and waved crazily to get picked.

The Fantastical Story Factory

“First you got to wiggle your tail, next you got to cover yourself in dirt, then you got to let out a loud OINK! and finish with a wave!”

And I know Wey had a ball of a time on stage as he wiggled his tail, covered himself in dirt, oinked and waved at us! The hubs and I had such a great time laughing as the children were simply amazing! They were brave and gave their all on stage! It was a pity that we were not allowed to take any photos nor videos even though it was totally our kids participating. So all we have are memories etched into our minds  (only managed to sneak this shot hehee…). But what an experience it was for Wey definitely!

Expect an amazing talented cast ever ready to spin a great story wherever the little ones in the audience wants it to go. Thumbs up with the audience interaction and participation. It was great entertainment for both the children and adults alike as we found ourselves literally laughing out loud at the crazy twists and turns in the story.

The Fantastical Story Factory

The Fantastical Story Factory is a brilliant opportunity for children to exercise their creativity, imagination as well as  ownership and independence as they steer the story and create the characters on stage.

For a really refreshing theatre experience with maximum audience participation and interaction, don’t miss this opportunity to experience The Fantastical Story Factory! Get your tickets here! You have only 2 more performances to catch it before it ends on Sunday!

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~ SAys! Audrey 🙂

Note : We were extended tickets to the show for the purposes of this review.  All photographs (unless otherwise indicated) and opinions remain our own, as always.

About The Fantastical Story Factory

The Fantastical Story Factory

Courtesy: ABA Productions

When: Fri, 1st – 3rd May 2015 (daily at 3.00PM)

Where: SOTA – Drama Theatre @ 1 Zubir Said Drive Singapore 227968  (Map)

Who: 5 years and above

Duration: 60min

Ticket Price : $38, $48, $58 (excludes SISTIC charges)

Tickets available through:

SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide


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