{Review} BoxGreen SG |Heard of Snacks Delivery by Mail?

This year, K’s school turned into single session for all levels.  Her school has also introduced a daily 15-min “brain break” at noon time due to the long school hours.  Because her dismissal is at 2PM, it means she only get to lunch at 230PM.  The children snack inside their classrooms and interact or play games during this break.

While searching for idea on the net one night, I came across a company (BoxGreen SG) selling healthy snack and the owners run the business online via monthly subscription sales.  Their focus on natural and wholesome dried fruits and nuts that has no preservatives or artificial colouring caught my attention.  Each month, there will be 4 different varieties of healthier snack in sealed 80-g servings.  The parcel is small enough to fit into HDB standard letter boxes.  I decided to give it a try after reading all the FAQs and waited patiently for my box to arrive.

BoxGreen SG

The much anticipated 1st box arrived in slightly more than a week.  From the menu card, I already felt like giving everything a try first before everybody else starts attacking them.  I set my eyes on the dried longan found inside Almond Longan Jelly (Without the Jelly) and Vacumn Fried Banana Coins and Cranberry Fusion.  I guess by now it will appear pretty clearly that I am not a big fan of nuts.

BoxGreen SG

Menu Card for the month of March

BoxGreen SG

March’s Delight consists of Almond Longan Jelly (without the Jelly), Vacumn Fried Banana Coins, Sesame Ginger & Honey Cashew, Cranberry Fusion.

Once we have the chance, we served the Cranberry Fusion and Almond Longan Jelly (Without the Jelly) together with my family’s favourite ice cream flavour, Macademia Nut Brittle from Haagen Daz.  Here is my little “creation”.

BoxGreen SG

Cranberry Fusion is a medley of dried blueberries, cranberries and raspberries.  Though dried berries is not something new in the family, it is a good old delight to munch on as a anytime-snack.  The dried longans from the bag of Almond Longan Jelly (Without the Jelly), is sweet and it’s a whole dried longan. And…………..I’m sad to say that R had intentionally and on purpose, hand picked to eat just these dried longans.  He finished it all by himself while watching his cartoon on TV.  My son has no sharing spirit and it’s always been a problem I try to correct.  😦

Boxgreen Singapore

Almond Longan Jelly – without the Jelly AND Longans  😦

On another day, we tried the Vacumn Fried Banana Coins.  It seems like a highly-raved about product on BoxGreen’s web page.  The banana coins are crunchy and chewy, yet airy all at once.  The natural sweetness in the banana that lingers in the mouth is something that makes one want to keep munching on it.  Don’t stop if you want to keep it for yourself!  Better don’t stop (!) as it will disappear mysteriously the moment you are not looking.  K was supposed to bring a packet of the Banana Coins to school for her “brain break” snack time.  But found herself and R both finishing it straight after dinner.  “But mummy, it’s not the same like the bananas you always bought!  These are not soft.  I can nibble slowly.  And most important of all, they’re healthy!”   Thanks ya, kids!

BoxGreen SG

Featuring Vacumn Fried Banana Coins

The last remaining packet after almost a week was the Sesame Ginger & Honey Cashew from East Bali.  Much to the delight of my hubby, the kids wouldn’t touch it because of the one word – GINGER.  wahahhahaha

Boxgreen SGSesame Honey & Ginger Cashew, like the name suggests, is honey-coated cashew nuts roasted with a hint of ginger taste and topped with lots of sesame.  The cashew wasn’t really crunchy as I guess it’s softened by the coat of honey on each nut, and meant to be this way.  The ginger taste also wasn’t that strong really.  Too bad that the kids just wouldn’t try it. Well anyway, I’m not keen in nuts.  Hubby can have the whole packet all to himself.  >.<

Boxgreen SG

Our overall verdict for the March’s selection of Boxgreen healthy snacks was quite satisfying.  It has a good mixture of both dried fruits and nuts, and there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.  The serving size of each type is also just about right for light snacking.  We would rate the March’s box at 7.5 out of 10.

However I feel that if there can be a bigger box, with more variety (maybe 6-8 types??), and quantity enough for an actual month, it would be so much more convenient for the busy mummy to plan for a month’s worth of snacks.  Just take and go basically.  This box lasted our family for only about a week.


One can make a choice whether to sign up for a monthly subscription base on a 1-month tryout, or terms of 3-month / 6-month / 9-month plan.  A longer term plan will of course, mean more savings too.  For a family which snacks regularly and wants to consider a healthier option, can definitely consider to opt for a long-term savings.

Subscription Pan


For fussy eater, Boxgreen has a try-out ONE-TIME order where one can customize what exactly to purchase via ala-carte menu.  Introducing BoxGreen Market, the place where you can purchase individual snack packs with no subscription required. If you’ve been thinking about subscribing but want to try a few snacks first, this is the place!

Boxgreen SG

Snack Selection at Boxgreen SG (not all shown here)


Good news!  We have a discount code to share with our readers.  For the month of April, just key in the promo code : SAYs!20%off to enjoy 20% off the first box.  Then wait for about 1 week for your first box to arrive.  Subsequent boxes should be received in the 1st week of each month.

Do share with us if your subscription is yummilicious too!  We can’t wait for the next box to arrive 🙂

Thanks to Boxgreen Singapore for the generous sponsorship.  We received sample boxes for review purposes.  All photographs (unless otherwise stated) and opinions are our own.

Thanks for joining us at SAys! Happy Mums.  Pls do follow us at our Facebook page for more updates.  Hope to see you back again soon! 🙂

~ SAys! Shirley


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