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Earlier in February, I got to learn of a student production for a 3-min short film on the topic of Singapore and the student team needed to take part in a short film competition.  The short film will be about a girl describing to her little brother why she loves Singapore.  Both K and R went for an informal audition.  K eventually got the role through reading the script out loud, but R was camera-shy.  Although he had fun with Dylan (Director of Photography) playing shoot-and-hide, he did not manage to get the role.  With the role of K settled, we were told to wait for the final copy of the script to be sent to us the following week.

In the mean time at home, we found out some information regarding the competition.

ciNE65 Believing Home

ciNE65 is a short film competition that aims to capture our Singapore identity through the lenses of local budding film-makers.

In the current third season of ciNE65, local film-makers are invited to share their take on the theme “Believing • Home” through a 3-minute film.  Our pioneers believed in Singapore and were united by a determination to build a strong, secure and cohesive nation, our home.  As Singapore mark our 50th birthday this year, the film is to reflect on the beliefs and values that will continue to shape us both individually and collectively, as a nation.

Launched in July 2011, ciNE65 encourages aspiring film-makers to tell their Singapore story and what the Singapore means to them.  ciNE65 hopes to harness the potential of short films to touch the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.

7th Mar ’15 | 0930hrs | Singapore Botanical Gardens (SBG)

The day finally came for filming.  We all woke up bright and early to a beautiful morning at the SBG.  The sun was gentle and we were accompanied by breezy wind until after lunch.  We were informed that K and the other girl will be playing the roles of a pair of best friends instead of siblings.  We finally found out why the change when we saw the other little girl who was supposed to play the younger sister to K.  The other little girl is a Primary 5 child of similar size and height compared to K.  And they didn’t have the sibling look.  🙂   Nevertheless, the kids were easy-going and quickly got into the mood playing each other’s best friends.

ciNE65 Believing Home

The little one, R, though not involved, had behaved well throughout the filming session.  He kept himself occupied with dried leaves, twigs, and palm tree fruits.  Though occasionally stepping on dried leaves or accidentally getting himself within the camera’s viewfinder resulted in a reshoot of a particular scene, nobody blamed him over it.  The overall experience was very fun and not too serious.

ciNE65 Believing Home

Settling down to commence with filming

ciNE65 Believing Home

Getting K used to speaking louder into the boom (microphone)

ciNE65 Believing Home

Filming in progress

ciNE65 Believing Home

Playtime with brother not forgotten during break time

ciNE65 Believing Home

Meizhen jiejie had also prepared a goody bag for each of the children in case they get bored or hungry over the long duration. So clever!!

ciNE65 Believing Home

R having fun with his camera

ciNE65 Believing Home

Come cutie pls pose for mama!

This little boy seriously has the natural talent of keeping himself occupied with self-entertainment and his surrounding things.  Since the day he was born, he hardly needed too much of my attention.  I could do work with K while he stayed in the same room without disturbing us.  I could bring him to parent volunteer work at K’s primary school, and he will sit alone at his table to read and draw, hardly needing my full attention.  Thank you, didi, for being such a good, good baby and a loving son!  ❤

ciNE65 Believing Home

Rollie bollie with palm tree fruits

ciNE65 Believing Home

Break-time fun

ciNE65 Believing Home

The kids had lunch and now is Part 2 of the session, where the kids will film the scene where they play together.

ciNE65 Believing Home

R having fun with self-entertainment and mummy paparazi trying to capture his rosey cheeks.

ciNE65 Believing Home

R having fun with self-entertainment and mummy paparazi trying to capture his rosey cheeks.

ciNE65 Believing Home

R having fun with self-entertainment and mummy paparazi trying to capture his rosey cheeks.

ciNE65 Believing Home

Closing scene, yesh!! We just need to capture K’s close up facial expression and it’ll be a wrap!

ciNE65 Believing Home

Closing scene, yesh!! We just need to capture K’s close up facial expression and it’ll be a wrap!

It was almost 3pm and with the closing scene completed within a day, we hanged around the gardens for the kids to play a little bit longer.  Here they are, playing with all the shooting equipment to their heart’s content.  They took turns speaking into the giant microphone while the other listens on the headphone.

ciNE65 Believing Home

Kids having fun with each other over the filming equipment

ciNE65 Believing Home

Kids having fun with each other over the filming equipment

ciNE65 Believing Home

Kids having fun with each other over the filming equipment

ciNE65 Believing Home

Kids having fun with each other over the filming equipment

Lastly, let’s have a mandatory group shot before the farewell.  It had been a great day with cooperating kids and accomodating adults.  Everybody had fun interacting with one another.  Truly an experience worthy to note down for memories. 🙂

ciNE65 Believing Home

Group shot with the students taking part in this short film competition : “Believing • Home” From Left : Dylan Tan (Cinematographer / Editor), Lek Mei Zhen (Producer / Director), Mei Zhen’s brother, Shaun Lek (Production Assistant) assisting with the production.

Through the ciNE65 experience, it has helped K and R experience the job nature of the film-making industry, a day in the life of an actor/actress, understand how film is like, working with others, and a respect for the people involved in making a film.  They also got a hands-on experience with the equipment that the students loaned from their school.  Isn’t it KidZania in natural outdoor setting??!!  It was an amazing experience for us, and what’s more, made some new friends too!

Thank you Dylan and Mei Zhen, for giving K and us this wonderful opportunity to be part of your film competition.  Here’s wishing you all the best for results to be announced in April.  We are eagerly looking forward to the momento copy of the film in DVD too!  ❤

Here’s sharing the completed video which has been submitted for competition.  All the best!

This post came after the video was submitted for competition, and in the week just after our Founding Father passed away.  We hope that the young ones will treasure what they have been blessed with, and continue to uphold the Singaporean spirit we witnessed over the past few days, for things certainly did not come easily for Mr Lee.

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew

In Memoriam, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

About ciNE65

ciNE65 is a short film competition for asipiring film-makers to share their stories about Singapore – the food they love, the life they lead, and the people and places that they meet.  Through this competition, it also hope that the films produced could help to strengthen the emotional connections of Singaporeans to our home.

ciNE65 on Facebook

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[EDITED 24/5/15]


In conjunction with the recently concluded ciNE65 Short Film competition which has garnered a record number of 230 entries, we would like to invite everyone to vote for your favourite short films (Audience Choice).

Giveaway Banner 2

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From now til 11 Jun 2015, simply vote for your pick for this year’s ciNE65 Audience Choice Favourite Film, Audience Choice Favourite Actor and Audience Choice Favourite Actress and you may stand to win exciting prizes!

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    Example:  Cine65 FB FF1 S1234567A Alvin Tan
  3. cINE65 will contact you directly if you are the winner.

*Choice are indicated in red font


Favourite Film

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Mother (Beverly Wong) from This is Home


FF03Family Heirloom FAR3Andrew (Le Shiong) from Homeground


Ah Ma (Beatrice Chien) from No place like home


FF04Home Brewed FAR4Adult Ah Leong (Huang Shi Nan) from Home Brewed


Mei Qing (Madeline Lok) from Reminisce


FF05Home-made FAR5Old man Ah Chai (Tye Par Mok) from Meaning of Home


Old lady Ah Lian (Lily Ong Siew Ling) from Meaning of home


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FF10Wet Market

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1) {Compulsory} Leave a COMMENT under this blog post with your Facebook NameEmail Address and Your Voted Choices.

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  • This giveaway is not associated with Facebook or any of our social media accounts in any way.

Best of luck and do share the love!

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Thank you everyone who has voted for your favourite Actors, Actresses and Films (Audience Choice).  The official contest has closed and category winners have been awarded with their prizes last Friday.  We are pleased to announce the winners for Step 2 Bonus, who will each win a Diane F+ Camera worth $150 from cINE65.  We will send you an email shortly.  Pls look out for your inbox 🙂


Click picture to view winning films.

[<- Edited 14 Jun ’15]

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