When Dinos Ruled @ Marina Square 20 -22 Mar 2015

If you have someone at home with a love for balloons, you definitely should not miss this. We’ve come to this balloon extravaganza every year since we got to know about this wonderful event that Marina Square organises every year. And it’s free!

Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

This year’s balloon extravaganza is in its 5th year running and centres around the prehistoric age when Dinosaurs ruled.  A definite hot favourite for the boys!

There are 10 awesome dinosaur balloon sculptures including a gigantic T-Rex! With over 90,300 balloons, the team of 55 balloon sculptors worked over a total of 4 days to complete the dramatic display at the atrium.

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

Another one for the Singapore Book of Records!

And yes! It’s another one for the Singapore’s Book of Records for the largest balloon landscape and the largest mobile balloon costume!

You can imagine the Wow! on Wey’s face when we arrived this morning to see the completed works of balloon art at Marina Square.  We were in total awe when we came to the Atrium!

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

Beware the cutest Velociraptor!! They’re get you with their cuteness!

I can only let the photos speak for the awesomeness 🙂

Imagine, being greeted at by the jaws of a T-Rex! Roar!! haha… we loved this display and it was easily the most popular one with the kids. It got them really excited posing for photos and counting the sharp teeth! Wey roared to his heart’s content! LOL!

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

Get into the awesome jaws of the scary T-Rex! ROAR!!

I loved this stray big-claw of a T-Rex which has a nice wrap around for kids to pose behind of… Super Cool!

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

Lost a claw somebody?? haha…

How can you not smile when you are surrounded with balloons, balloons and more balloons… Look at the joy written all over the little one’s face!

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravangaza

Usually reluctant and impatient when Mummy wants a photo, Wey turned on a smile at each photo spot!

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza

Someone still smiling… not running out of smiles at all!

And a Super gigantic T-Rex towering above all else…

Even I joined in the fun and posed for a picture or two… this one taken by Wey! Not bad since he seldom gets a chance to touch my phone, let alone take photos with it hehe…

More prehistoric balloon sculptures … Loved the cute little Pterodactyl!

One of my favourites because it’s just so cute! Don’t you agree?

And can you recognise this plant? haha it shares the same name as me in The Little Shop of Horrors! hehee…

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravangaza

Little Shop of Horrors ??

One more shot of the gigantic T-Rex before we headed off!

And so it’s till we meet again next year 🙂 The Dinosaur Balloon Extravaganza at Marina Square is on display from 20 – 22 March 2015, so don’t miss it. We’re sure glad we made it!

At the end of the event on 22 March, the organisers will be attempting yet another book of records… to pop the most number of balloons in 10 seconds!! We wish them luck!

Other Fringe Activities for Kids at Marina Square

Excavation Fun & Crafts
20 – 22 March, 12pm – 8pm
Marina Foyer (Near Desigual)

Embark on an exciting excavation dig, or get crafty and piece together your very own cardboard dinosaur. Also try your hand at painting a personalized dinosaur egg and bring home to discover what is inside! Register with any $30 same-day receipt(s) per child (between 6 and 12 years old), per activity. Limited seats on first-come, first-served basis.

Kids’ Balloon Workshop
20 – 22 March, 2pm – 3.30pm & 4pm – 5.30pm

Learn to twist and sculpt balloons and bring home a goodie bag too! Sign up for the workshop at $12 per child (between 3 and 12 years old) at the Customer Service Counter, L2. Limited to 20 kids per session.

Marina Square Dinosaur Balloon Extravangaza

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SAys! Audrey

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