Marutama Japanese Ramen

I would say my favourite Japanese food item would be a bowl of ramen with springy noodles and hot, slurpy, and thick pork bone soup.  Sometimes, I would splurge on a bowl of $18 ramen just for a satisfying and pleasurable meal.

We have visited Maratuma Ramen on many occasions and would consider it as an option to have a quick fix without long Q and waiting time.  Marutama first started as a tiny restaurant on the 3rd floor of Central Mall, at a corner where it is not highly visible within the mall.  They have since expanded to several locations island-wide.  We love the simple menu and small and cosy restaurant at both Central Mall and Liang Court outlets.  So on Friday night, hubby decided to give me a little birthday treat knowing that we have not had ramen since 2015 started and I am having a little craving.  So here we go celebrating another round of my birthday 7 days later!  What an excuse but I AM LOVING IT! ❤

Marutama serves ramen in a lighter chicken broth compared to most tonkutsu flavoured (pork bone broth) that is heavier and sometimes gelard soup- base.  Most people have said their noodles is as thin and straight like our local wanton mee.  Though light and simple, Marutama’s ramen is uniquely-flavoured in their own way.  Apparently I googled that their chicken broth is cooked over low heat for more than 20hrs to bring out the chicken’s natural sweetness.

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Marutama Japanese Ramen @ Liang Court

Marutama’s Simple Menu

Marutama claims that their soup broth does not contain MSG or any preservatives!

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Zenbu Nose Ramen @ Special price of $18++

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Marutama Japanese Ramen Men

What We Ordered

We had a bowl of non-spicy Tan-men for the kids to share, and ordered additional refill of ramen, which was big mistake because we ended up overly-stuffed after the meal.  Half the ramen refill was wasted 😦   Hubby and I had the Marutama Ramen topped with additional order of Char Siu, Gyozas and THREE Ajitsuke Tamago because everyone loved it for the richly-marinated taste that went into the entire egg, including the egg yolk.

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Tan-men is a bowl of chicken broth ramen with vegetable topping.  Our serving apparently is totally unlike what’s pictured on the menu and website (inset)!  

Marutama Tan-Men compare

Tan-men with chicken broth base, $13++ without Ajitsuke Tamago (Egg) @ additional $1.50++

Marutama Ramen with their signature chicken broth and a slice of pork belly and lots of seaweed.  The kids and I totally loved the seaweed as it was very soft and literally melt-in-the-mouth.  My hubby and I loved their roasted garlic too and we did help ourselves to a hearty topping of it 🙂

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Marutama Ramen, their signature with chicken broth base, $12++ without Ajitsuke Tamago (Egg) @ additional $1.50++

Look at the insides of our Ajitsuki Tamago.  It’s the perfect “卤蛋”, as the kids would call it.  Even R, who normally doesn’t eat egg yolk that is not fully cooked, loved the rich aroma of his egg that night.

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Self-serve condiments to go with our ramen

Marutama Japanese Ramen

We finished THAT MUCH roasted garlic because it was simply too fragrant. Sorry to the next diner! >.<

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Yaki Gyoza, $1++ each

The Char Siu wasn’t quite up to expectation as we felt that the meat could have been softer and not fatty enough.

Marutama Japanese Ramen

Yaki Charrrrr Siew!  $4++ for these 4 slices

Overall, we had our serving of delight with simple restaurant fanfare as a close to the week.  Our bill was slightly under S$70 and everyone went home satisfied.

ALERT :  Marutama 8th Anniversary Promotion

As part of Marutama’s 8th Birthday in Singapore, they are offering 888 bowls of Ramen to patrons FREE OF CHARGE!  Yes, you read it right, and I’ve got photos to prove.  Just make sure you are early in the QUEUE.  They can’t guaranttee that evening diners will still get a serving as it highly depends on the lunch crowd.  The very nice waitress told me, “Just try to be early, ya!”  *wink*

Marutama will also be accepting contribution of any amount in return for the free Ramen.  All contributions will be donated to The Red Cross Society.

Do note that the offer is NOT VALID at Marutama City Square Mall outlet.

Marutama Japanese Ramen

To celebrate their 8th Anniversary, Maratuma is giving away 888 bowls of ramen on Monday, 16th March 2015!

Marutama Japanese Ramen

To celebrate their 8th Anniversary, Maratuma is giving away 888 bowls of ramen on Monday, 16th March 2015!

So, don’t say we never jio!  The reviews over Marutama’s chicken broth on the net is highly debated.  Do try it out and decide for yourselves if the chicken broth is to your liking or hate ;p

Marutama Ramen


6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-90/91 The Central, Singapore 059817
P: +65 6534-8090

Liang Court
177 River Valley Road #02-01/02 Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030
P: +65 6837-2480

75 Killiney Road, Singapore 239529
P: +65 6352-6369

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road,#04-18, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.
P: +65-66345285

Disclaimer : This is NOT a sponsored post.  We shared because we loved it.  All opinions are ours.



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