Suggested Activities for Aesop’s Fables

Last weekend, we watched I Theatre‘s Aesop’s Fables at Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel.  Read about our review and introduction to Aesop’s Fables here. We found out the 8 story titles shared with the audience in the children’s production.  With the initial 4 that we were already aware of before the show, we went home to flip through our bookshelves and got ready for some home activities that may be fun to do with the kids. We were really glad to find resources from Homeschool Share blog, sharing the related links below.

This year, don’t forget to collect your copy of Programme Booklet at I Theatre ‘s Aesop’s Fables before show starts!  Activities for the little ones have been included within. R was having a little fun time on the train on one of the days after school last week.

I Theatre Aesop Fables

I Theatre's Aesop's Fables

I Theatre Aesop Fables

Androcles & The Lion  ~  Gratitude is the sign of noble souls

R is an emerging reader who is still trying to find confidence in reading proficiently as well as the stamina in reading a longer story.  Theatre-watching brings out the stories live for kids and makes books more interesting.  We always try to make it a point to read up and to do some craft work wherever possible so that our kids will enjoy learning.  Here in the video, is one of the session where we got R to read on his own.  He is reading the title “Androcles & The Lion”, one of his most favorite stories.

The Goose With the Golden Eggs ~It isn’t good to be greedy

Suggested Activities

Goose Paper Craft (link)  :  This is a simple cut and paste paper craft of a goose.  The craft is good “just for fun”, for a bird theme, or for a farm theme.  You can make the craft into a handprint craft by replacing the template wings with traced handprints if you like.  Suitable for 2-4yo.

Story-telling with Puppets (link)   :  Just print, cut and stick them onto ice-cream sticks for a quick story-time!Suitable for small to young children.  Here below, we did our story-telling with a golden balloon filled with water.  And R as the Goose, had some fun trying to “lay” the egg.  LOL

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs

The Wind and the Sun ~ One can accomplish more with kindness than with force

Suggested Activities

Q : If you wanted to get someone to do something, how would you get him/her to do it?

Q : When have you used kindness instead of force?

Q : How does it feel when someone uses force on you to get what he/she wants?

Watch YouTube

The Fox and the Crow ~ Do not trust flatterers

Suggested Activities

Lapbook Making : Download and print the file from Homeschool Share.

Q : How did the Fox trick the Crow?

Q : Was the Fox being honest?

Q : What is flattery?  And how is it different from compliments?

I Theatre's Aesop Fables

The Lion and the Mouse ~ A Kindness is never wasted

Suggested Activities

Lapbook Making : Download and print the file from Homeschool Share.

In this story, children reflect on keeping promises and doing favours.  They also learn that size doesn’t matter when it comes to kindness.

Q : Have you ever felt too small to help?

Q : Are there any advantages to being small?

Q : Do you feel good after a kind act towards others?

I Theatre Aesop Fables

Nobody is too small to help!

General Knowledge About Mice :   We watched a video about a mouse gnawing on wood.  And we shared that mice needs to gnaw on something all the time because their teeth grows faster than ours, and they need to control the length of their teeth.

The Jay and the Peacock ~ It’s not only fine feathers that make fine birds

Suggested Activities

Science :   Do a themetic study on Peacock.  National Geographic provided us some useful and quick information on Peacocks that is not too difficult for kids above 5yo to understand.

Role-Playing :  Here, we recycled Chinese New Year (CNY) decorations to act as peacock feathers.  These CNY decoration is basically done using looping chain method with red packets (angpow).  Is our tail pretty??  R (acting as Jay, the bird), looking on at the Peacock’s fine feathers and wishes for the same for himself.

I Theatre Aesop's Fables

Jay and the Peacock

I Theatre Aesop's Fables

This is K with a recycled peacock tail.

About I Theatre’s Aesop’s Fables

I Theatre Aesop Fables

It was a wonderful opportunity to share theatrical experience with the little ones and nurture their love of reading.  We have enjoyed the show tremendously with their crowd interaction during the show.  If your children loves musicals and plays as much as us, you’ll be in for a good laugh by this fabulous collection fables – however old, or young you are!

When: Now til 21 March 2015

Where: JUBILEE HALL, Raffles Hotel

Who: 3-13 year olds and families

Duration: 50 minutes with no interval

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website

SISTIC Hotline (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

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SAys! Happy Mums Shirley & Audrey 🙂

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