{Review} The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Farewell KidsFest 2015

We caught the finale show of KidsFest 2015’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea two Sundays ago. Strangely, despite us having watched many of the excellent KidsFest productions in the past, neither of us had watched this fun play before.

Having heard excellent reviews from friends who had been to the play, the kids were all set to have fun.

K, Wey & R with glowing smiles, set to watch The Tiger Who Came to Tea at SOTA!

The cast surprised everyone as they entered the theatre from the sides and mingled with everyone. It was delightful that Sophie was dressed exactly like the way she was in the book, even Mummy had the familiar green dress on!

Hello Everybody! Thank you for coming to our play…Wow! And the show starts now! Yay!

With loud excited bursts of ‘Hi’s, the children greeted the characters of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, eagerly. The cast broke into song and dance getting lots of response to sing along. “Hello… Thank you for coming to our play… Thank you for coming to our theatre…”

With a tick-tock tick-tock, Mummy got the show rolling.

Are you ready? “A ring at the door… who could it be?”

It was a treat, to meet the milkman and even the postman, the children laughed so hard at their silliness. The build up of excitement to finally have the Tiger come through the door was wonderful. Everyone kept shouting “The Tiger! The Tiger!” And yes, he finally came at 4 o’clock! Teatime! LOL!


Sophie opened the door, and there was a big furry, stripy tiger. ~ from The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

So yes, the Tiger did come to tea. Imagine! Seeing the great big orange stripped tiger appearing on stage, really made the classic by Judith Kerr so believable! With squeals of delight, Wey shouted “The Tiger! The Tiger!” along with all the other children alike.

The Tiger, though he did not speak or roar, was comical yet majestic in his manner. And yes, he ate and he ate! He ate up all the sandwiches, all the biscuits and all the cake until there was nothing left on the table… until there was nothing left in the saucepan… until there was nothing left in the fridge or the store. He ate up everything in the kitchen. LOL!


Empty plates! No more sandwiches, no more biscuits and … no more cake soon! LOL!

And of course, he drank all the milk in the milk jug, all the tea in the teapot, all the strawberry milkshake, all the orange juice and even Daddy’s beer, and yes, all the water in the tap (how is that even possible?) as well! hahaha oops!! Much to the delight of all the children of course!


The Tiger drank up all the milk, and all the orange juice, and all Daddy’s bear, and all the water in the tap. ~ from The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

I loved the magical stage props that must have caught the imagination of every child there. The food and drinks all seemed to miraculously disappear as the tiger ate them.

K and R’s favourite part was the Tigerobics part where the audience were asked to join in to “Swing your tiger tail, shake your tiger paws, stretch your tiger paws, roar your tiger roar… Bounce and bend and bounce and bend!” We loved the spontaneous catchy songs that made audience participation so fun. K, Wey and R were dancing as they sang with the cast, “Yummy yummy sausages, scrummy scrummy chips, yummy scrummy taste so good! Yummy scrummy I love sausages and chips and ice cream …”

For KidsFest fans, here’s something else… I think I recognise the actress acting as Sophie. I’m quite sure she’s the actress who acted as the clever little mouse in The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child! Wow! I loved her then, and I love her even more now!

The Tiger Who Came to Tea is definitely a wonderful show to go with young ones for the energy, the vibrant catchy songs and the spontaneous fun. Don’t miss it next time it comes to town.


Just like it was sad to say goodbye to the Tiger after he had tea, it was a sad goodbye for us as KidsFest 2015 came to an end after a wonderful run of 8 productions this year. Although the Tiger did not come back again for tea, we are certainly glad that KidsFest will be back again next year! KidsFest 2016 yay! Thankfully!

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Says! Happy Mums Shirley & Audrey

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