Indoor Rock-Climbing at Climb Central @ Kallang Wave Mall

The kids have recently been TOoOoOOo active, climbing onto benches, boulders, walking on tree roots, balancing on roadside kerb, etc.  Aside from running amok everywhere we go, they also practice their gym stunts in our bedroom rolling & flipping all over the place as our mattress is placed on customized platform bed which made it very safe(?) to do so.  It made me crazy especially in the mall.  While I am not sure why the change from pretty well-behaved kids to literally monkeys needing me to shout at them whenever we’re outdoors now,one thing for sure is that they need to expend their energy on proper sports in a safer environment.

I recently took part in a review/giveaway contest at Simply Lambchops.  Mary blogged about Climb Central @ Kallang Wave Mall and her family’s experience at the indoor (read : AIRCONDITIONED!) rock climbing gym.  I was excited reading it.  Then got even more excited when I found out that even the smallie and lighty (I shan’t call him short & skinny) R can qualify to try out the rock-climbing.  He wouldn’t be left out now.  SURELY the kids would be thrilled over the idea of role-playing spidey!  SURELY K would pester me to bring her if she hears about it before my plans are firm. Earlier this year she was telling me that I should transfer her to the new school below my block so that she can use the rock-climbing facilities in the school.  I gave her the -.- face.  BUT, I decided to keep my mouth shut first until the hubs is free to bring them (alternatively a.k.a. CLIMB WITH THEM).  Don’t tell me to climb so high!  I’m not active!  I don’t want whole body aching!!!!  I was excited, yes!  But not for myself hehhehehe.  Well anyway, I took part in the giveaway and so unexpectedly, won a family pack of INTRO TO CLIMBING session worth $120.  When Mary told me I have won, I felt abit scared at first though I’m happy that I need not pay for the kids for their first try.

I finally bought a pair of Nike sports shorts with lycra tights inside that wouldn’t zao g’ng when I am high up there.  It costed me (hubs) oh-my-goodness $55……….. but I still have to buy it as the 3/4 tights available is not pretty enough  ;p   After this experience, I figured that I should get myself a tight-fitting sports top too.  This is so that I can have my photos taken like a sporty mama eheheheh  Shout out to hubs : Prepare to pay another $100 for a new top okayz  ;b  

My family had been so busy since pre-CNY that I totally forgotten to confirm my attendance with Climb Central.  Thankfully Mel was very helpful and though she wasn’t at the gym on Saturday 9PM, we assisted me over many emails with extra slots requested.  With her help, I managed to squeeze in my sis and BIL, and on the morning of climb day itself, further allowed me to squeeze in 3 more kids with the addition of 1 more instructor to assist with the larger group size.  Suddenly everyone who have never climbed before, is excited to go rock-climbing together!

On 1st Mar, Sunday, we made our way to Kallang Wave Mall to “topo” the place/parking for our loved ones and to lunch.  This awesome structure is our first view upon stepping into the mall from the carpark.  Never have we seen rock-climbing so openly in a mall before.  Oh well, this is afterall, located Singapore’s own Sports Hub!  So proud of this ingenius idea!



Everyone was to fill in this registration form at the counter.  Basically it’s to acknowlege the risk of the sports and to release Climb Central of their liability in case of an accident.


We then went to measure our foot size for rental shoes specially meant for rock-climbing.


What’s the next best thing to do while waiting for briefing to start??


[From left] S, one of K’s triplet besties, K, R waiting for briefing to start

The group was given a tub of rental shoes and everyone got to picking out a suitable size.  Note that you can’t pick out your normal shoe size as it will be too tight and painful to wear.  Somehow the sizes of these climbing shoes run in bigger number due to the “toe” at the shoe tip that’s used for “anchoring” into the rocks.  Briefing followed immediately after we settled down with our shoes.


Arif and Kee Song, our instructors for the INTRO TO CLIMBING session, showed us how to put on the harness and secure it properly.


More posey moments.  I love this shot of S and R!  Aside from being younger, R is also smaller than the other kids in our group.  Hence, everyone looks after him like he is the official “didi” of the group 🙂


Any kids fashion brands out there keen in sponsoring this group of cutie and pretties?


Everyone is geared and on standby!  The amount of photos we had taken without actually climbing yet, I guess, is pretty obvious that everyone is excited and can’t wait to climb.  hehehe


This is what I mean by being everywhere and getting too excited.  The kids already took to the low wall and started their own climb.  I should seriously consider installing this mini climb structure on one of my walls when my new house is ready.  Instead of having slides at home, I have a rock wall.  Cool?


When we finally got the kids back to briefing again, we were introduced to the carabina, the method to hook to ourselves safely, and also the traditional belaying system whereby one belayer will buddy the other who climbs, and to make sure that all all times, the rope is taut.  This is so that the person who climbs will not suffer a free fall in case he/she let go of grip.  We also highlighted that a child cannot be allowed to belay another, for they wouldn’t have the strength to do that.

Arif also explained to us what the information tagged onto the wall means.  Each climbing lane is tagged with 3 colour codes representing the stones mounted onto it.  The smaller the number and alphabet, the easier it is for beginners as the rocks are generally bigger, flatter and has a big recess for fingers to cling onto.  For eg in below photograph, the pink, blue and white stones were much easier to make use of compared to the green, red and yellow stones which are literally impossible to climb up.

Parctice Climb - Belay

Video showing R and my BIL who was the first to nimbly climb up to the top.

This practice wall is 12-m high.  I thought I wouldn’t make it halfway up there.  The initial steps were easy but slowly got very tough as I was exhausted.  Twice, I wanted to give up and have an easy way out.  But both times hanged on to dear life too as I was apprehensive letting go after halfway up.  I also tried to show the kids that it can be done with determination and a little rest in between.  It was indeed very tiring with the feeling that all my strength had been used up, at 6-m height  >.<   I finally plucked up the determination to climb all the way to the top.  And I also realized that the key to climbing is to push my way up using stepping stones instead of pulling myself up with my fingers.

Having made my way up, coming down is another problem – I was afraid to let go and to repel my way down.  I stupidly tried to climb my way back down.  That was pretty hard to do so as I have to look down below me at the same time fearing of the height all of a sudden.  My BIL was belaying me on the ground as I climbed.  I totally had to tell myself to put my faith into him and trusting him to hold my rope tight enough.  I call it the jump of faith, trusting my life into the hands of my belayer.  I am thankful that I didn’t bully him all these years he is being together with my sis ;p

After we all had our turns on the Practice Wall, we were moved to the Auto-Belay lanes with 8-m high walls.  It was another different experience as now, everybody could climb at the same time without needing somebody to belay anyone.  Our coach, Arif, was also together with us at all times and guided us on the next best step to take when he found us “stranded” on the wall not knowing what to do next.

Auto-Belay system at Climb Central

Auto-Belay system at Climb Central

For the 2nd time, I successfully climbed up to the top.  It was much easier this time as I already had one experience just moments ago.  Surprisingly, I still had the strength and energy!  I could even do a victory V-sign for my friends >.<

Then again, this below photo shows me weighing my options again – to climb down or to just jump?  Hey, mind u!  There’s no human belayer below now okay!!  It’s worse cos i can’t depend on anyone to catch me if i do fall.  I might just …… break an arm 😦   After what seems like eternity (a phrase that K likes to use now), I finally dared a small repel and discovered that this auto-belay system is really amazing.  Not only there wasn’t any free-falling situation once i repel from the wall, there also wasn’t a sudden or shocking jerk as I go down.  The entire way down was very smooth.


I decided I have had enough fun that afternoon and it’s time to look after my own children for awhile.  This is K getting ready for her next attempt.  The kids had not been daring enough to climb all the way up.  Each climb was only half the wall.  Though they quickly start their way down for fear of height, we can certainly tell that they were enjoying the repel downwards a lot more.  We, as parents, are all looking forward to the next milestone they can hit, which is right at the top of 8-m wall for a start.  ❤


K getting ready for her attempt at one of the Auto-Belay lane.

Watch them climb here


My little kangaroo, enjoying a bit of bonding time with me. Mama me was trying to encourage him to try just one more time. But he says he’s tired. No super proud moments here, but it’s ok. You can try it again! ❤

What followed after the above photo was something beyond our expectation and imagination.  Hello, we were there for a rock-climbing session, not water-play!  The fire alarm was triggered and it didn’t stop.  Typically Singaporeans NEVER react to a fire alarm.  I have heard about such scenarios many times, and now I’m part of it.  We should have just briskly left the place, then perhaps we might not have been caught in the shower.  Shortly after, a few sprinklers started to activate.  It took me many moments to realize what was happening.  Many just stared just like me.  Climbers who were halfway on the wall started making their way down.  The sprinklers were FIERCE!  Then more sprinklers to my left started to activate too.  And the muddy water that got flushed out further shocked me as it’s my first time seeing sprinklers in action.  Initially those, including us, on the platform at auto-belay lanes, thought we were safe as we looked down at those below getting drenched.  Then somehow, water also purged out from the climbing tower next to us.  Yes, it started raining on us that moment.  And nobody was spared.



If you look closely, you will be able to see the muddy water on the ground that had been purged out.  The grey cushions floated up too.  Very soon, the place was getting flooded and my group decided we should brave the shower and get to drier ground because water level IS RISING and nobody wanted to swim our way across 😦


My little R needed a lot of attention during the incident.  He was totally frightened and very worried that there would be a real fire.  And he kept asking for daddy too.  All I could do was to try to shelter him from the shower.  My BIL also helped to comfort him and to carry him down the spiral staircase and to safety.  Thankfully hubby was already waiting for them with a spare change of clothes.  He only calmed down later on.  For once, I was thankful he gave the kids his handphone for distraction.


This is K, all drenched but happy still.  See the other kids sitting there?  Obviously forgotten the scare earlier.

Climb Central was very responsive and helpful during the incident, though I think they are the biggest victim.  Everything belonging to them was watered down.  Only their facilities and compound out of the entire mall was affected.  Our coach tried to bring us a pile of umbrellas under his arm for us to walk down the spiral stairs.  As we were already drenched, we passed it on to others.  Other staff also started giving us kid-sized t-shirts to comfort the kids first as the aircon was still running.  It was really cold.  We only had our change of clothes after the kids were settled, also thanks to Climb Central.  We love the great quality dry-fit t-shirt!!

Below photos show the aftermath, after the mall facilities & maintenance team finally ascertained that there wasn’t any fire, before shutting off the sprinklers.  The cushion were all floated up by now.

This is the pool of muddy water when the mats were moved to the sides.  I guess there’s a hell of a draining work to be done after this as the place was recessed.


So Climb Central is closed for the moment while they recover from the damage.  They will be doing updates at their Facebook page when the resume operations.  By then, climbers affected on that exciting 1st March, 2015, can look forward to return with a free replacement climb kindly offered by Climb Central too.  Hooray!!!


About Climb Central 

Climb Central is the tallest indoor air-conditioned sport climbing venue in Singapore. Climb Central has approximately 1,000 square meters of climbing wall space and is conveniently located within the Singapore Sports Hub.

Advanced climbing safety systems make it easy for beginners to pick up climbing, while veteran climbers will enjoy the 16 meter lead wall and super inclines on the boulder area!

Facilities at Climb Central

Facilities at Climb Central


You don’t need prior experience!Advanced climbing safety systems make it easy for beginners to pick up climbing. Safety briefings conducted by our staff the first time you are here will ensure that you can get started safely without any lengthy certification courses.  The facility is designed to be both suitable for children and adult so go on down in your sports attire and a pair of socks today!
Rock climbing in Climb Central is not just for grown-ups. Kids as small as 5-yo can benefit from a healthy, confidence boosting workout.  As Climb Central is targeted for the Families & Kids, they have designed for climbing lanes that are suitable for both kids and adults to climb on.  They have Auto-Belay Lanes and innovative Top-Rope Anchor System which allows parents with no experience to participate together with their kids.  These dedicated lanes have saved our group a lot of waiting time and everybody could climb at the same time using side-by-side lanes.
Can I Climb

What To Bring Along?

What to bring

Socks (for rental shoes), Lock (for security), Water (for hydration), Sports Attire with Knee-length shorts preferred (for climbing), Change of clothes

Going For Your 1st Attempt??

First Attempt n Pricing

Click on infographic to access registration page

Climb Central
#B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
Phone: +65 6702 7972
Email :  (Advisable to do pre-booking & registration – see infographic above on 1st visit)
Facebook :

Opening Hours 
Monday – Friday: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

We hope that Climb Central is able to do a quick recovery and resume business soon as we can’t wait to return for another round.  Our friends who couldn’t make it with us earlier, are also in the midst of planning their first visit with us when we return. It was indeed an unfortunate day. For the full story, please refer to the official release by the Singapore Sports Hub

We, at SAys! Happy Mums, hope that you have enjoyed reading about our experience here.  Do follow us at our Facebook page for future updates!  See you back again soon 🙂

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.  As mentioned earlier we won admission tickets for 2A2C and paid for the others in the group.  We wrote this blog post because we love them!  Following this, we will try to get a sponsorship for giveaway to our readers, in case anyone is keen to join the fun.  Have i mentioned climbing in the comfort of air-conditioning???  THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO SEND THE KIDS, EITHER TO DROP THEM OFF AND WATCH THEM EXPEND SOME ENERGY WHILE YOU ARE DRINKING KOPI AT SOME ATAS CAFE, OR, JUST BE THE PRETTY PHOTO-TAKING DAMSEL LIKE WHAT AUDREY SAID – ADMIRE THE KIDS’ CLIMBING ABILITY FROM BELOW (VERY SAFE!).  GU NIANG OR NOT, YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE FUN!  🙂

– SAys! Shirley

Photo / Video Credits : Most of the photos and videos were taken by my friends and family.

In the meantime, our current giveaway will end in 4 days’ time.  Have you joined??  Pls click the picture below and do give us your support!  🙂   Good luck!


Top 8 things to do for March Holidays + 2 GIVEAWAYS


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