Reunion Dinner 2015

We had our 1st reunion dinner for the year two nights ago with my in laws.  For each of the 15 yrs we have been together, we have had the same tradition in the family, that is, steamboat in the comfort of the home.

Everyone will help with dinner preparation since early in the morning.  My in laws will purchase all the food ingredients over the past 2 days and will boil a light soup base over the charcoal fire since 6AM.   As for me, I love setting up the steamboat table and arranging all the food.  Thinking back, I have been the one doing it for as long as I can remember.  The siblings-in-law will hang around and help me with bits here and there while my hubby polishes his precious car at the porch.  Everybody does their part and the day will always end well with family bliss and happiness.



When it’s dinner time, all the wine, alcohol and soft drinks will come out to play too.  This year, we have added Somersby into our meal as I have lately got addicted to the light & not too sweet apple cider.

Last night, it was reunion dinner #2 with my family.

This year, we have decided to dine out at Eastern House of Seafood.
This zi char place is one of the few favorites in our family and when we have craving, we would simply drive all the way to Chai Chee just to have a satisfying yet not expensive meal.  We got to know of this place and subsequently the boss, Alvin, through Jimmy, my primary school friend.  We have since brought many of close ones for dinner there and the food has never disappointed us.






This prawn dish is really something extraordinary. Everyone loved the seasoning used. We found lemongrass, tumeric, or perhaps a little curry powder added (?). This dish is high on my family’s dish now. 🙂



The Orh Nee is awesome. Despite being very full after all the dishes one after another, my family still walloped this dessert. I personally found it a little too sweet. But nevertheless, this is still alot better than many teochew restaurants out there! So do give this a try the next time you are there.

The above meal was ample enough for 8 adults and 3 kids and still, we couldn’t finish the rice. Although Eastern House of Seafood served 4 rounds of reunion dinner starting at 430pm, we didn’t feel that we were rushed to finish our meal so as to make way for the next round of diners. Everyone went home feeling happy and well fed at great price.

The set meal for 10 pax costs only $368 without service charge nor GST as per most zi char practice. Seriously, that is not expensive at all considering that a typically standard family meal at any restaurant can cost between $500-700 nowadays.

All in with drinks, we paid only $381.80 for a relaxing reunion dinner and don’t need to clean up thereafter.

Eastern House of Seafood also serves charcoal fish head steamboat (鱼头炉) without the use of MSG.  It is also cheap at less than $35 per steamboat with very fresh fish.  The serving size is more than enough for 4 adults.


Of the many awesome dishes tried, I would include below 2 dishes that will never fail to appear on the table.


Wok Grilled Sotong is a must reserve when you make reservation for your table else you better be one of the earliest diners and see if there are any left overs.  Yes, at 530PM and you may not get it served because everyone that has choped a table might have choped the sotong as well.  I learnt it the hard way.  My family loves sotong and this is not something that is sold anyhow at some food joints.  This is excellent and tender with a nice smokey flavour which we all thought was grilled over the charcoal fire at first.  But no, this is bathed with hot oil over the wok.  Try it soon and don’t say I never recommend!


Tempura Si Ji Dou (四季豆)with Prawn Fritter is the other item we will never fail to order despite having eaten it like, 10x already.  The batter is crunchy and savoury and has a subtle hint of Har Jiong Paste.  The prawns are also big and fat and it goes well with the crunchy but not dry 四季豆.

There are many more dishes which would be highly recommended if not for the nature of this post that is supposedly about our reunion dinner at home.  Will cover those in another post some time soon!

Eastern House of Seafood
55 Chai Chee Drive, Singapore 460055  (Map)
Tel : 9339 0714 (Alvin)
*The kopitiam signage says 肉骨茶 though! We had a hard time locating it the very first time*

This is NOT a sponsored post but merely a little sharing of my favorite makan place.

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– SAys! Shirley


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