Forest Adventure in The Tree Tops

We first discovered Forest Adventure through Mummy Angeline of Life’s Little Miracles last year.  And when the Parent Support Group (PSG) at K’s school organized the registration at the start of Term 3, we promptly signed up for the event to be held in Sept Holidays.  It is a treetop adventure course located at Bedok Reservoir.  Together with the PSG, we also registered for R (who managed to hit the min. height requirement of 1.1 metres) for the Kids Course which is specially designed for children aged 5 to 10.

K on the

K on the tree top

It has 16 crossings and finishes with one AWESOME flying fox zip line which ends in a huge pile of sand.  That morning, the kids had A LOT of fun navigating their way around the tree tops as well as they can.  There will be a safety briefing for all children before they collect their safety gears.  Children are attached to an on-going safety line tied to a harness they wear on their body, from which they are removed only when they reach the ground.

Getting geared for safety


The first steps up into the trees.


Does it look easy?



In any case if they miss a step and hangs on the line without leg support, they can still try to find foot hold if they are strong enough, or wait for the instructors to come for rescue.  Just like in this photo below where R accidentally missed a step.


Here we have R trying to get back onto his feet after falling for the second time.

This video below captured his first fall and was patiently waiting for help.

SAys! Shirley, “I was beaming with pride seeing the little R, the smallest in the group, being brave and conquered the course successfully at his very first try.  When he fell, he didn’t give up.  The course is great for building resilience in kids.  It is located at the opposite end of where I stay, but I will definitely bring the kids back again.  Forest Adventure is a very good training ground for the little ones to overcome their fear of heights and to tackle confidence and gross motor skills, totally on their own.

The kids ended their obstacle course in the tree tops with the zip line and landed into a pile of sand at the base.  It was daunting to start with for K who successfully navigated the earlier crossings.  She sat up at the platform for quite a while but didn’t dare to zip down.  She later plucked up enough courage only after passing her turn and letting R take the zip first.  Little R still had time to wave to my friend while zipping down.  It must have been very fun!

As Forest Adventure is NOT open on weekdays except school holidays & public holidays, it can be quite occupied with other participants on the day you wish to go.  Parents are advised to make pre-booking (no pre-payment required) and also to check against weather forecast on the day of play itself.  Both matters can be done conveniently via their web services.


Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir

How to Locate (by Train / Bus / Car)
Tel : 8100 7420
Email :


Individual ticket $32 for children | $20 for accompanying adults | $10 for additional round (subject to availability)
Packages Grand Course/Kids Course (2 adults GC + 2 kids KC) – $130 (Site 1 and 4 only)

Just one more cutie pic!

It’s also great to know that should your child be uncomfortable halfway up there, the instructors will try to assist them to overcome their fear.  If they find that any child is unsuitable to proceed, they will bring him/her down and provide you with a voucher to come back again when he/she is ready.  So go on, make that first step!
Hop over to Life’s Tiny Miracles to read about more about their experiences at Forest Adventure!
In the meantime, we are currently running a giveaway to Aesop’s Fables with tickets worth $240 up for grabs.  I Theatre has kindly sponsored us the tickets.  The contest will end in 2 days.  So, hurry up & join in the contest now!

Click picture for contest details

Thank for joining us on SAysHappy Mums.  This is NOT a sponsored post and all opinions are based on our own experience.  If you have liked what you have read on our blog,pls follow us for latest updates.  We hope to see you back soon again.
– SAys! Shirley

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