Reflections on a New Year

I held on to 2014 and reluctantly welcomed the new year. 2015, a year that seemed so distant when I cradled him in my arms and nursed him was finally in my face… And somehow, now, I find myself already in the third week of January 2015.

When people say Happy New Year, what do they really expect? A new year is a fresh start for some and so many are accustomed to making New Year resolutions only to forget them quite shortly. Haha… How many of you are still keeping on to the New Year resolutions made on New Year’s Eve? If you still are, keep it up 🙂

I faced the coming of this New Year with mixed feelings. Like everyone, I enjoyed the festivities of the end of the year and the holiday fun. It was wonderful to just have nothing to do in December. No need to go to school, no rush to get to enrichment classes and no need to keep busy at all. I relished the relaxed time with my son and silently wished in my heart that it would never end. I even let him skip the first day of school to enjoy every bit of the long weekend (my way to prolong the December holidays) because this was the last year that we can just say “Let’s skip school and go somewhere!” Fact was, I didn’t want my baby to be K2 yet because it would be over all too soon.

A lot of the reluctance in me, is probably linked to the fact that 2015 is the last pre-school year for my little one. It is the year he will turn 6… No longer a baby by the world’s standards and so he is expected to suddenly bridge the gap of learning to be almost fully independent. Suddenly, this time next year, he must no longer be the helpless one because he will be on his own in Primary One.

I went under the radar for a good 3 weeks to come to terms with the idea that this year he has a lot of growing up to do. Suddenly, he will need to know and master so much at school so that he will be “Primary School” ready. 😖😖😖


On His First Day of Being a K2 大哥哥

I know that I’ve been babying him too much but part of me (in fact all of me) still cannot let go and see him otherwise. To me, he will forever be my precious little one. I think alot of mums out there will know how I feel.

And then there is the dreaded P1 Registration Exercise in July. Yes, the crux of my dread of 2015 comes in the 2nd half of it. As some are blessed with either an Alma-mater or proximity to good schools, I have neither to rely on as an almost guarantee to “win” that all important place for the kid. The anxiety of the unknown has been a prolonged mental agony of not knowing what to do and if it is even worth it at all. Certainly, this is a self-inflicted struggle since “every school is a good school” right? But just perhaps … Hmmm… Perhaps some are more equal than others??? Haha…

This year, I have to learn to let go and let my son grow up and be independent of me. In some way, I feel like I’m watching him surrender his childlike innocence in exchange for what we all term as growing up. But that is me being melodramatic. So, I will savour and enjoy every bit and morsel of his innocent chatter and joy this year, and remember his beauty as a child when he has become an adult.


The One that will forever be my baby

What will this year hold for us, only God has the answers but I trust that He who saw me through the toughest initial years with the small one will carry us through this year and through out his growing years, and whatever the outcome, it is within His Will.

– SAys Audrey


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