Road Accident on the SLE

Was on the SLE (Jurong) just now. It was the stretch between CTE exit and Lentor Ave exit. What i saw in full view over the duration of 1-2min made me very unsettled and sad.

I was blaming myself for not taking the CTE/PIE route home cos it always seem to be jammed up whenever i take SLE. As i inched my way through over the 15-20min jam, i suddenly come face to face with the scene of accident.

A motorbike was on the ground. Oh no, i thought. Cars in front of me were starting to split to the left/right lanes. I was like the 3rd car in the Q.

No chance to change lane at all as traffic was a mess. Then i saw the motorist lying motionless on the road. No paramedic has arrived yet. There was another man standing over him and seemed to be trying to talk to the injured. I’m not sure if he is still alive. Saw a lot of blood all over his face. 😦  I started to feel emo.

As i filtered out of the way, out of the jam, lots of questions flooded my head.

I remembered seeing a private ambulance on Lane 1. It has surely passed by the scene of accident. I wondered why it didn’t stop to assist. I thought probably it already is carrying another patient in it. Then I thought, its siren wasn’t on. So it couldn’t be in any hurry to go somewhere. Then so why didn’t it stop to help?? Is it because it is a privately owned ambulance and such thing is not their business to kaypoh over? What happens if a public ambulance chance upon such scenario? Are they obliged to help? The injured could have bleeded to death by the time help arrives in the peak hour traffic……..

Images of the injured man keep showing up in my mind as I drove onto BKE.  Lots of other Malaysian motorists were rushing their way towards the Causeway then.  Surely they must have seen what I saw too. I wondered if they were upset over it like me. Life is so fragile and the human body can only take such impact.  Would they be praying for the injured as they ride on?

The injured man was lying on the road. I wondered if the road surface is bloody hot and if it’s going to burn his skin.  I can’t even tolerate sitting on a hot seat just after somebody get off the MRT.  How to lie down under the hot sun, on the road exposed to a whole day of merciless heat?? It must have been tortuous on top of feeling painful everywhere else over his body. 😦

The injured man should be a skilled worker Malaysian coming to Singapore on a daily basis to work for a living.  I wondered how fast will news reach his family.  I pondered if he’s the sole breadwinner.

I shall stop pondering over all the what-ifs and whys. Afterall, the act is done. Just hope that the man didn’t suffer too much of an impact.  Just pray that he hasn’t died.  Its after office hours at the hospital now.  Hope that he is attended to immediately at the A&E. Don’t waste time anymore!!!

– SAys Shirley, sad


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