Treasured Family Memories on a Tree

Christmas is a day away and someone at home has been counting down anxiously to the day.

I’ve always wondered how other families carried out their Christmas traditions. As for us, we usually put up the tree 2 weeks before Christmas and start placing presents under it, pretty early. (This obviously drives the little one crazy excited and makes him really co-operative at home hahaha) The tree is taken down and kept between 1-2 weeks after Christmas.

We put up our 15 year-old(yes! that’s how long we’ve been married) Christmas tree last week and decorated it with ornaments that have been collected over many past Christmases.

Do you have a theme for your Christmas decorations?

My favourite tree ornament is this “Love” cushion we got from Robinsons a long time ago. It has it’s place on top, in the centre of the tree every year.
To me, this is central to the reason for Christmas. Christmas is about Love. The love of God so great that He gave the world his only son, baby Jesus born (the greatest gift of all) in a lowly manger, that first Christmas night.

The other ornaments on our tree, centre around snowmen and animal toys.

Most of our snowmen ornaments were collected from the time when we were living in New York City. I have such fond memories of hubby and I, all bundled up in our winter-wear looking for ornaments for our tree. It was probably one of the coldest winter that I’ve ever experienced.

I like cute quirky ornaments on the tree…so we’ve even propped mini- stuffed toys like elephants,
giraffes and sheep onto the tree as well… Including a lovely pair of GUND angels that I adore…hehe.

Last year when we were at HK Disneyland, we bought Disney themed keychains to go on the tree. Yes! Even keychains go onto our tree hehee… Each of us in the family picked one – Sailor Mickey and Buzz Lightyear were someone’s favourites hehe…

Even Lotso found his way onto our tree! How could anyone resist a pink teddy?

We started collecting Christmas ornaments in the theme of Noah’s Ark last year. image

And this year is the first time we’ve put them up on our tree.

No prizes for why we started collecting Noah’s Ark ornaments, but we’re really glad we did.

We’ve got 8 special ones now and it looks like we will be getting at least one Noah’s Ark ornament each year from henceforth.

Our tree has gone with us to many places that we have called home together. From our first marital home, to our apartment in Zurich and then to New York City and now to our home of over 10 years since we’ve been back in Singapore.

It’s been with us every Christmas, and each year, putting it up brings back floods of memories. The ornaments are like pandora moments for us… They come out once a year to play during this season but are also our treasured unforgettable reminders of our life and love together as a family.

As I celebrate Christmas this year, I thank God yet again for his blessings of a wonderful husband and my lovely boy who has brought us so much joy since.

Christmas – A time of love, joy, hope, peace and family! A very Blessed Christmas to everyone!

Thanks for stopping by SAys! Happy Mums, we would love to hear from you about your Christmas too! 🙂
SAys! Happy Mummy Audrey

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