Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story

Sunday was finally the day to catch the much-anticipated musical showcasing “Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story” at the Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa.  We bought our tickets the day it was launched as there was a fantastic promotion with HSBC credit card allowing card users to get free ticket upgrade.  Basically, we got seated at Cat 1 with Cat 2 price plus early bird discount.  All 13 of us (mummies with kids) went for the musical today while the daddies chill out at Cedele.



Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story is a timeless story filled with adventures of the mischievous boy who can fly and refuses to grow up.  One night, he visits Wendy, John, and Michael Darling in their London nursery and takes them on a magical flight to Never Land where the Lost Boys, Indians, mermaids and pirates await them in adventures beyond their wildest imaginations.  The story of Peter Pan lives on in every one of us who is still a young at heart.  Though we grow old, there is always this sense of youth in us whenever we come across this story.

As this is a 2-hr musical (with 20-min intermission) staged for audiences aged from 4 year old to as long as you feel young, the content has skewed towards adult maturity rather than keeping it simple for young children.  I heard lots of questions from the 4-5 year old child behind me.  My 5 year old son doesn’t know much about what is happening too except knowing the key characters, the excitement of acrobatics and flying performance, and the pyrotechnics used.  He was mesmerized throughout.  However he needed me to explain to him about the plot as the show progressed because when i asked him question about certain scenes, he would reply with “why” without moving his eyes off the stage.  However the bunch of 7 year olds (K and her play mates) could enjoy the story as well as adults.  Because K sat with her besties while I sat with R, I tested her after the show and found that she had digested what she watched pretty well.

In her own 7-year old words,

1.     Peter Pan

Peter Pan did not dress up like in the story book.  He also did not put on make up on his face.

1.     Injuring Wendy

In the story, Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell for a week because Tinker Bell asked the Lost Boys to shoot down Wendy with stones.  Tinker Bell told the Lost Boys that Peter Pan gave the instructions.  Wendy was injured while flying in the sky.

However in the musical, Peter Pan banished Tinker Bell forever and locked her up when he found out that Tinker Bell instructed the Lost Boys to shoot down Wendy with arrows.  One of the arrows shot Wendy in the heart and everyone thought that she was dead.  But she did not die because of the acorn necklace that Peter Pan gave to her.  She woke up soon after.

2.     Mermaid Lagoon

When Peter Pan went to the Mermaid Lagoon, he actually had brought along Wendy with him.

But in the musical, Peter Pan did not do so.  And just like Tinker Bell, the Mermaid was jealous of Wendy in the musical because Peter Pan gave all his attention to Wendy.

3.     Tinker Bell

In the musical, while Peter Pan was sleeping, Captain Hook concocted a poison that would make Peter Pan die if he drank it.  Tinker Bell saved Peter Pan by drinking the poison herself and she died.  Everybody had to save Tinker Bell by believing in fairies, even the audience.

However what happened in the story was, Captain Hook had prepared a bomb hidden inside a present for Peter Pan and it said “To Peter, with love, from Wendy.”  The bomb would blast Peter Pan out of Never Land forever at 6 o’clock.  Tinker Bell had escaped from Captain Hook’s prison (the glass lantern) and managed to save Peter Pan by snatching the present from him before he can open it.  And she did not die too.


4.     Ending

Wendy fell asleep by the window when she returned from Never Land, not on her bed.  The End.  (meaning she doesn’t want to entertain me anymore with all these spot the differences between her story book and the musical.  hehehe)

I was glad that K was focused on the musical despite whispering and giggling to her friends (especially when The Boys were on stage with all the acrobatical act.  All of us were happy to watch the story unfold scene after scene.  I have enjoyed the entire musical tremendously as well.

The musical is staged via the narration of Tinker Bell.  There were minimal verbal exchange throughout the show.  Many scenes used pop songs to bring out the mood.  Familiar songs like “You Raise Me Up”, “Forever Young”, “Kiss From A Rose” were cleverly arranged to tie in with the story line.

My favorite scene would be when Peter Pan brought Wendy to the waterfall.  The backdrop was simply beautiful and it felt so romantic at the moment.  Another was pretty much to the ending when Tinker Bell was raised from the verge of death after drinking the poison that Hook concocted.  It was then that she first appeared as Tinker Bell the fairy instead of being represented by a small light flying all over stage in the hands of the other actors.  I loved the pixie dust she dusted over all at the front rows.  I believe my 5 year-old R was also mesmerized by the fairy dust too.



Enjoy your childhood and please don’t grow up too soon, my little ones!  Me too, I want to be forever young.  Can I, just for tonight and perhaps, every night??

For those who are keen to catch the show, Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story will be featured at Resorts World™ Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa from now til 20 January 2015 with the following show times :-
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 8pm
Sat & Sun: 3pm & 8pm

It’s worth to bring the kids.  Do catch it soon!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.

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