Date Night with The Dim Sum Dollies!

12 December 2014 || So last night was date night … I was quite excited that finally we were going to the Opening Night of the very much anticipated Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 2, having booked it since May this year.

We’ve always enjoyed watching the Dim Sum Dollies and never missed their shows if we could help it, so this was a definite must do!

I remember really loving the Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 1 with the late Emma Yong, who was so talented (perhaps my favourite Local onstage actress), back in 2008. So this Part 2 comes 6 years after.
For those who didn’t catch Part 1, it was announced that there will be a rerun of it next year (Super yay!).

Now with the new Dolly Denise Tan, the Dim Sum Dollies are still just as wonderful to watch. Denise is yet another of my favourite onstage actress because she sings so well and she’s just so fun to watch! We really enjoyed last year’s Dim Sum Dollies Celebrate Christmas!

Arriving early for the show at the Esplanade, was a wise decision!

After the security and bag checks, we were treated to a walk down memory lane!! And I don’t mean your grandma’s or your parents’ memory lane… This is The History of Singapore Part 2 remember? Hehee…

Ok people! Think Campaigns! How many of us grew up during those national campaign years? I bet a whole lot of you? … Erh or am I that ancient? Hehe hope not!

Yup.. If any of you can name some of the familiar national campaigns we grew up with, we can certainly do a fist bump, ala Baymax Big Hero 6, right now… *fist bump … Walalala*

Top most on everyone’s list must be the familiar Courtesy Campaign with Singa the Lion and of course the Speak Mandarin Campaign hehee… Is the Mandarin tune of the campaign flooding your memory banks yet?? Hahah…Come on, hum the tune if you vaguely remember it! LOL!


Perhaps my favourite reminder yet was the “2 is Enough” Campaign! Haha! Check out the ”3 if you afford it”, Baby Pam Oei!!
Well, who could forget this overly successful campaign? And, because of it, I was not given priority for Primary School registration back then, since my mum refused to get ligation done! Some things have indeed changed and yet somethings remain the same. (P1 Registration! Arggh… The torture continues every generation…More of that another time).

And I almost forgot about the Productivity Bee! Can anyone remember the tune? “Good Better Best, Never Let it Rest!” Hahaa No wonder Hossan Leong was dressed up like a bee!

Now about the fun at the show. We got seated… We laughed a lot and I do mean a lot!

I especially enjoyed Hossan Leong as Mr Productivity Bee with the funny voice, the New Citizens Ah Tiong Sportswomen and the Minah Kebaya Aerobics segments! Hahaa! And yes, even the Circle of Life segment with Lion King and toilet-seat warmer Giraffe Goh was hilarious too (even though they couldn’t resist sneaking in the Penguins from reference section)!

The costumes were a riot (in a good way) and the not so new Dolly, Denise Tan, was exceptionally good! Full of energy bursting into song and dance. Love her to bits! Haha…


Aside for a few really rather strange and dry scenes like the bunch of Multiracial Chickens living in highrise HDB after being resettled from kampungs and the very strange bunch of local tropical fruits screaming in the freezer and darkness (now what were they thinking?!!)… The Dim Sum Dollies with their Loh Mai Guys and dear Chopstick got us laughing alot!

I’m glad that this time I got to watch something about my growing up years and reminisce. Although I suspect more could have been done for the 60s and 70s era, it was refreshingly funny instead of the usual history lesson of the Founding of Singapore or the Japanese War or the Konfrontasi Singapore. This was Nostalgia First Class!

Thank you Dim Sum Dollies for yet another fun night. – Posted by Audrey 🙂


For those who are keen to catch the show, Dim Sum Dollies – The History of Singapore Part 2 is about 2hrs with 20min interval. The production will be featured at The Esplanade Theatre from 11th to 23rd Dec, 2014 with the show times :-
Tue – Sun: 8pm
Sat – Sun: 3pm
Additional show on Mon 22 Dec, 8pm.

Do catch it soon!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own.


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