Tomato Rice, the salty version

I first tried the Tomato Rice recipe from here some time back. Since then, I have cooked it like, not less than five times.


I love it that it’s a healthy dish and my girl is eating what she hates without getting a chance to spit it out. (Yes i’m an evil mummy!)  And its freaking easy to prepare and cook. Just turn on the rice cooker and I went napping with the kids >. <





Potful of rice is ready to eat after a cat nap



Can you see what I’ve added inside?

Main Ingredients :-

2 big tomatoes (i managed to get red & fat ones this time)

2 cups of unwashed white rice

3 cups of water (rice cooker dependant. I normally add 1 more cup of water to the no of cup of rice for my rice cooker)

Abt 1 tablespoon or est 30g salted butter

1/2 teaspoon pepper


Other Ingredients :-  
White & Brown Shimeji Mushrooms
Air-fried luncheon meat
Air-fried bacon


Method :-

1. This is important – Remove water from the rice pot to the equivalent amount from tomato and vege ingredients (if any) as these will produce water when cooked. For the above combination, i removed 3.5 tablespoons of water.

2. Add in all ingredients. I saved half the fried luncheon meat and bacon to be served when rice is cooked cos i prefer them to be crispy.

3. Turn on the rice cooker and go sleep while dinner is being cooked.

Mix well before serving.

Bon apetit!

– Posted by Shirley


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