Recently when we visited the cozy office of the Wild Crane Press, we were treated to a delightful hour-long introduction to some of the books published by them.  It was a pleasure to meet and talk to Rayne, who is also an author / editor of some of the books presented to us.

Wild Crane Press is a Singapore-based publisher that works with overseas companies in the adaptation of foreign children’s literature and translates them into beautiful stories easily appreciated by little children.  They have worked with publishing houses from France and Korea and reproduced several international children’s best-sellers here.

One of the series that quickly caught our attention during the meet-up is the Creepy Mathematics series.  This is a 5-book hardcover set that features the adventures of a little Vampire boy, Flappy, and well, Mathematics!

Little Flappy and his friends, Wrappy the mummy, Clacky the skeleton, and Breezy the spectre, attends night school called the Monster Kindergarten.  Through their adventures in school written in a language level appropriate for kids aged 5 to 8, kids get to learn about Mathematics in 5 broad topics, namely, Length, Volume, Area, Weight and Estimation.

One of our favorite titles in this series is New Coffins for a Growing Vampire! where Count Dracula lost his temper because the carpenter wasn’t able to make a new coffin of the right size for his growing son, Flappy.

New Coffins for a Growing Vampire


Oh, why is that so?  As we read on, we later discovered that everybody used their own feet to give measurements to the carpenter.  And since everybody has feet of different lengths, the carpenter wasn’t able to produce a new coffin that is just the right size for Flappy!

New Coffins for A Growing Vampire


New Coffins for A Growing Vampire


We love that these 5 books present mathematical concepts in a funny but engaging way. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging though nothing creepy as the series title suggests.

There is also a section at the back that summarizes the story and teaches parents how to replicate the story into real-life hands-on fun.


It’s no secret that kids appreciate concepts better if they are able to touch & feel for themselves.  And it’s great to know that we need no fanciful manipulative to replicate the lesson at home!

Another title that we enjoyed reading is The Magic Juice where the creepy kids each brought their favourite cup from home to the kindergarten.

The Magic Juice

When distributed with a ladle-ful of magic juice, they ended up with seemingly different amount of liquid in their cups!  We’re sure mummies with 2 of more little ones can relate to this “unfair treatment” at home.


The Magic Juice

The Magic Juice deals with the concept of Volume (for Liquid).  Mummies can help the little ones to understand volumetric measurements at home by first trying to compare different amounts of liquid in identical containers, rather than in containers of different shapes and sizes.  Then, just like in the story, put the same amount of liquid in containers of varying sizes and let the little ones see the difference for themselves!

At home, we first poured one ladleful of water into each of the four containers we found in the kitchen.  We used transparent ones so kids will find it easier to look at the amount of water from the outside.

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

The kids unanimously agreed that containers of different shapes and sizes hold “different” amount of water.

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

However when we poured in the same ladleful of water into R’s milk bottle with measurement on the outside, they could read that the volume of water is 70 ml.  To further prove it,  we emptied the water inside the milk bottle, and had the kids each pour the four containers of water into the milk bottle.  And they are surprised to find out all the containers (that is to say, the ladle) has 70 ml of water in them.  Now, we took the opportunity to explain that LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING!  So pls!  Don’t always complain that mama is UNFAIR okays!

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

The Magic Juice Experiment at Home

We love these stories and believe that you would have as much fun reading this set of books with your little ones.  Aside from captivating illustration drawn using the computer to the effect of natural watercolour feel, the text is written in an easy-to-understand level for kids 5-8yo, with nice big fonts.

Creepy Mathematics, Set of 5 (Hardcover)

Written by Baek Mi Sook (Translated from Korean by David Lukens)

Illustrated by Kang San

ISBN : 978-981-09-0837-9

Book Dimensions : 25cmx25cm

Publisher : Wild Crane Press, Singapore

This set of books can be purchased off the shelf at MPH, Junior Page, Union Books, Booktique, Maha Yuyi, Music Book Room.  You can also get this series directly from Wild Crane Press (there is now a 10% storewide offer and free local delivery with a min. purchase of S$50 made at the online web store).  Great news for busy mummies!

Creepy Mathematics is also available in Chinese Version for those who are keen.  The link to purchase online is 恐怖数学系列.

All pictures are taken from Wild Crane Press, unless otherwise stated.

SAys! Happy Mums is thankful to receive a set of CREEPY MATHEMATICS to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are based on our own observation.


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