Pre-trip : Hong Kong + Disneyland (2014 Dec)

Earlier this year, we decided to book a Disney holiday with our favorite group of friends.

It was initially just alot of yakking but no action to make any booking at all. When all of a sudden SQ had a fabulous promotion and within an hour of frenzy at the booking site, my hubby managed to secure our flight at only S$20 (per pax) more than what Jetstar would have costed us. 2 hrs later, we found out the available tickets for the same flight we booked is fully sold.

This is going to be my first ever visit to Disneyland. And boy, am I glad that the hotel stay is still pretty affordable although it could jolly well be the most expensive hotel i have stayed in.

Our flight is this weekend. And finally i started the packing last night after days of nagging from my hubby.

Packing for holiday with kids is truly a nightmare. Everything has to double in case of emergency. Thankfully for my dearest friends, Audrey and Pat, i now have spare jacket for both kids for this trip.

Last night it struck me that my girl has grown up yet another bit. She has taken on the initiative to pack her own “luggage”. She has been looking forward to see her favorite princesses at Disneyland for months. It was what spurred her to work hard towards excellent results in her year-end exam.

Princess dresses not to be forgetten

Princess dresses not to be forgetten

Thankfully the Cinderella dress still fit her. However we are ready to pass it on after the trip 🙂 Anna dress was bought online last month in anticipation of the holiday. She fell in love with the dress when she saw it at Chinatown. She finally realize that Anna is also a very important character in Frozen!!

Princess Hairclips

Princess Hairclips

I love the Anna handmade hairclip. Looks like its money well paid. 🙂

Here is her packing list :-

Princess Packing List

Princess Packing List

She brings her $18 bouncy ball everywhere. Its her birthday present from hubby last year. Its something she has been asking for year after year. Should i allow her to bring to HK?? Read that her list includes the all-important sweets and biscuits for everybody. I guess that’s the only way to write so that i will allow her to bring ALOT?? LOL…..

As for the #1 item on the list, Mr Midnight books are her current favorite. We had to specifically tell her that 3-4 books are enough as she will be playing with her buddies all day long. I don’t even think she might want to do any reading at all when her buddies are all around her.

My little cinderella

My little cinderella

We are not done with packing yet. There’s just so much to do and get ready. I hope that i have the time these few days. We are so looking forward to our first Disneyland Magic!! Till then…….

~ SAys! Shirley 🙂


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