Tomato Rice, A One-Pot Dish

I first saw a video by ochikeron on YouTube some weeks back.  Thereafter, the craze is seen all over Facebook on various friend’s posts as well as cooking groups.  I finally plucked up some courage to test out the recipe today despite not having a nice plump & juice tomato in the fridge.  All the facebook users must have bought up all the nice-looking tomatoes at the NTUC!  😦  And so, I stole from my son’s stash of cherry tomatoes!  ;p

The recipe is easy to follow with just 3 condiments to enhance flavouring.  Other ingredients can be added to one’s own fancy.  So since i have abit of everything in the fridge today, i tried my luck with half the time hoping the final output will not be overly wet.

Tomato Rice

And so the final verdict from everybody including the fussy kids – THUMBS UP!  I’m once again the happiest mum in the world today.

Recipe (adapted from ochikeron) :-

Main Ingredients :-

1 big tomato (i used 12 cherry tomatoes)

2 cups of unwashed white rice

3 cups of water (*less est 4 tablespoons of water to compensate for the amount of juice from tomato & mushrooms)

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons olive oil

1/2 teaspoon pepper

Other Ingredients :-  ham / cabbage / japanese mushrooms (or anything else you would like to add).

Method :-

Mix all together. *Remember to remove equivalent amount of water before cooking the rice.  Turn on the rice cooker and WAIT!

Mix well before serving.

Bon apetit!

– Posted by Shirley


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